WIMS> Tokyo WIMS meeting

WIMS> Tokyo WIMS meeting

WIMS> Tokyo WIMS meeting

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One of the primary reasons to have the PWG meeting in Tokyo was to make it
easier for companies that have not been actively participating to learn
something about it. I was looking at the Tokyo WIMS meeting more as an
introduction to the service than as a hard working meeting. As such, I
suggest that you maintain the current schedule (although the length could be


We should strive to have the counter spec. MIB  and schema in last call, and
the protocol spec in good shape. As of now, I think we can do that.  But,
since one of the ideas is to solicit more input, I suggest have the last
call review via phone after the  Tokyo meeting.


 I know you are very busy, but I would appreciate it if you could head us
the Tokyo WIMS meeting. I will attempt to prepare a detailed presentation on
WIMS and the associated activities to assist in this.


Bill Wager


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Question - should we move the WIMS meeting to a different venue other than
We already know that the WIMS Chairman will not be able to travel to Tokyo. 
We are attempting to posture for WIMS last call completion at the Tokyo
(April) f2f but, with more than 1 person indicating they may not make Tokyo,
we already begun discussing a follow-up venue via phone conference. 
Also, P2600 meets in Tokyo Tue/Wed and splits the PWG into Monday/Thurs.
Without WIMS, we could leave Monday open for travel etc. 
Does it make more sense to 
a. Maintain the current agenda (WIMS Monday in Tokyo) 
b. Push WIMS last call final review to a phone conf PRECEDING Tokyo (so the
SC can approve LC results at the Plenary) 
c. Push WIMS last call final review to a phone conf POST Tokyo (to provide
more time to prepare for LC) 
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems 

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