WIMS> Edits for WIMS Counter spec

WIMS> Edits for WIMS Counter spec

WIMS> Edits for WIMS Counter spec

William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Mon Mar 21 20:45:11 EST 2005


I question whether you mean to replace all of section 4, which includes the
tables defining the counters, of just the preface that I recently added.

Bill Wagner 

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Hi Bill and Harry,                                Monday (21 March 2005)

Per our review of the WIMS Imaging System Counter spec today, here are
some suggested edits:

(1) In section 3.1, Figure 1, "Printer" should get a footnote:

    The PWG SM/1.0 term "Printer" above is a legacy term from IPP/1.1.
    The preferred term for this Imaging Service is "Print Service" (see
    section 3.2 and Figure 2 below).

    [Rationale:  WIMS Type schema and Counter MIB currently use "Print".
    We agreed to change "Copier" to "Copy" for the service function and
    should do the same for "Printer" (and change throughout the spec).
    Don't add this text to the Counter spec.]

(2) In section 3.2, Figure 2 and section 3.3, Figure 3, change the term
    "Printer" to "Print".

    [See above for rationale - don't add this text to the Counter spec.]

(3) Entirely replace existing section 4 with:

This section identifies all of the standard Counter elements, each of
which is is hierarchically named as follows:

C1. Object:  This first level identifies the object (System or Service -
see Figure 3) that the contains each Counter element (see 'Simplified
Notation' below).  Each System Totals counter is contained in a System
object and is at the same logical level as the corresponding specific
Service counters.  Each System Totals counter aggregates across all the
corresponding specific Service counters (see Figure 2).

C2. Application:  This second level identifies the application purpose
(Monitoring, Availability, Media Used, or Job - see Figure 4) for each
Counter element.  Job counters are further partitioned into DataStream,
Auxiliary, Maintenance, Waste, and Unknown (a virtual counter).

C3.  Unit:  This third level identfies the unit (e.g., Impressions or
Images) for each Counter element and may be further qualified (e.g.,
BlankImpressions or FullColorImages).

Simplified Notation:  This specification uses a short notation.  For
example, 'Copy.Job.Impressions' is short for the XML schema qualified
name 'CopyService.CopyStatus.CopyCounters.Job.Impressions' or else
'Service.ServiceStatus.ServiceCounters.Job.Impressions' (depending on
the structure used when adding Imaging Services to [PWG-SM]).  Although
the first XML schema structure appears to be simpler, it would lead to a
vastly larger XML schema set and would be error-prone during XML schema

Persistence:  Counter elements may persist as follows:

P1. Lifetime - since installation of imaging system or service
    (see 'prtMarkerLifeCount' in IETF Printer MIB v2 [RFC3805]).

P2. PowerOn - since last power cycle of imaging system or service
    (see 'prtMarkerPowerOnCount' in IETF Printer MIB v2 [RFC3805]).

P3. Reset - since last administrative reset of imaging counter
    (e.g., a software reset by an accounting application).

Conformance:  Conforming Imaging Systems MUST implement System Totals
counters with Lifetime persistence.  Conforming Imaging Systems SHOULD
implement specific Service counters with Lifetime persistence.


- Ira

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