WIMS> CIM> Good news on PWG-CIM alignment work

WIMS> CIM> Good news on PWG-CIM alignment work

WIMS> CIM> Good news on PWG-CIM alignment work

Harry Lewis harryl at us.ibm.com
Fri Jul 22 01:14:43 EDT 2005

Rick, this is great. When negotiating the Work Register, we presumed 
two-way education. Thanks for clarifying the process and participants. I'm 
sure, among our eager PWG-CIM contributors, we can work out the proper 
means to carry out this alliance. I thought we got a great start on this 
week's conference call.
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems 

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WIMS> CIM> Good news on PWG-CIM alignment work

Dear PWG members, 
After consulting with my local DMTF expert about the process that we 
should follow for the CIM realignment work, I have good news and really 
good news. 
First, the really good news: the process of updating the CIM schema will 
be much simpler and less involved than I previously thought. 
- The modeling within CIM will be done by the DMTF liaison group, in this 
case the Core Schema WG.  The PWG, as the alliance partner, supplies the 
technical information about the changes needed or desired, technical 
descriptions, spec wording, etc., which is the technical heavy lifting. 
- The CIM schema change requests (CRs) will be written by the DMTF liaison 
group, the Core Schema WG.  This is the process heavy lifting. 
- The "education" period seriously goes in both directions: the DMTF has 
to become familiar with the printer device model embodied in the Printer 
MIB, and the PWG has to become familiar with the CIM schema in general and 
the CIM model of the printer device in particular.  I assume that each 
group will be need to be involved in indoctrinating the other. 
Now, the other good news is that the DMTF liaison person is John Crandall, 
who is said to be kinder, gentler, and very helpful.  The only bad news is 
that Harry Lewis, as the PWG liaison person, has yet another task to 
occupy his free time.  And we will have to find some time for concalls 
when subsets of the two groups can meet. 
I have attached a couple representative simple CRs from the SMWG.  You can 
see that the material required is pretty straightforward: rationale, 
details, issues and responses.  More complex CRs that may go through 
several ballot cycles tend to be much longer than these simple examples, 
but the structure is the same. 
We can discuss any of these points at length next week. 
PS: We discussed using a prefix in email subject lines to enable 
recognition or sorting of messages on this WIMS sub-topic.  (Like the 
"CIM>" that I included above.)  Did we decide on a string to use?  If so, 
I apologize for not employing it here. 
Richard_Landau at dell.com, System Mgt Arch & Stds 
+1-512-728-9023, One Dell Way, RR5-3 Box 8352, Round Rock, TX 78682 

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