WIMS> NO WIMS Conference call Wednesday 3 August

WIMS> NO WIMS Conference call Wednesday 3 August

WIMS> NO WIMS Conference call Wednesday 3 August

wamwagner at comcast.net wamwagner at comcast.net
Wed Aug 3 11:50:08 EDT 2005

Just to confirm, since there have been no comments on the latest draft, there is NO WIMS conferencecall today, 3 August. There will be a WIMS/CIM call tomorrow.

Bill Wagner

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NOTE: This  message is with respect to WIMS, not WIMS/CM. The WIMS/CM meeting will be help on Thursday 4 August, as scheduled

The updated Counters Spec draft was posted last week. 

If there are any comments to be made on this updated document before it is returned to a WD and submitted for vote to promote to Candidate Specification, please submit these comments to the list. Barring unresolved comments, I request that the draft be prepared for vote by 8 August.

If there are any issues with regard to this document that should be discussed by the WD, please indicate that on this mailing list. If no such issues are posted by the morning of 3 August, there will be NO WIMS conference call this week.  Hopefully, this will allow a little time for individual consideration of the WIMS Protocol Document.

Thanks for all of your effort's.

Bill Wagner, Chairman, WIMS WG
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