WIMS> CIM: August 18, 2005 minutes posted

WIMS> CIM: August 18, 2005 minutes posted

WIMS> CIM: August 18, 2005 minutes posted

Richard_Landau at Dell.com Richard_Landau at Dell.com
Mon Aug 22 15:27:28 EDT 2005

Good minutes, thanks.  And I agree with all of them except the statement
that "xxx-supported attributes (policy administrator may restrict
features available to users) should be writable."  I agree that Default,
Current, Max, and Available are reasonable writable properties for setup
and policy control, but I think that "Supported" is *generally* a
statement of the physical (or software) capabilities of the device, as
specified by the manufacturer, rather than policy, as set by the local
For instance, the CIM_Printer.PaperSizesSupported property contains a
list of physical sizes that can pass thru the printer.  I think that
list comes from the manufacturer and is not writable.  Similarly for
LanguagesSupported, CharSetsSupported, NaturalLanguagesSupported, etc.
On the other side, I think that MaxSizeSupported (in Kbytes, remember)
seems to be a sensible policy control.  Are there cases in the gray
Hate to say it, but I think we will have to review these one by one,
both the ones already in CIM_Printer and the ones that we will probably
add from Printer MIB and IPP.  I just don't know enough about IPP to
understand the distinctions in the specs.  
In any case, I think the blanket statement that xxx-supported should be
writable goes a little too far.  I might have agreed with it during the
phone call.  If so, I apologize for being misleading.  


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Hi Craig,
Good minutes - thanks.
All - please look at Printer and _other_ object classes in CIM Printing.
a very small number of the Printer MIB and IPP attributes are presently
in CIM Printing.  This affects the size of the eventual alignment work
it's smaller, longterm it's a much bigger job than I had anticipated).
- Ira

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	Minutes from the PWG-CIM Alignment Working Group teleconference
call have been posted.  See


	Best regards, 



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