WIMS> CIM> DRAFT slides for CIM core meeting [one error]

WIMS> CIM> DRAFT slides for CIM core meeting [one error]

WIMS> CIM> DRAFT slides for CIM core meeting [one error]

Richard_Landau at Dell.com Richard_Landau at Dell.com
Fri Jan 13 15:03:50 EST 2006

Thanks for the corrections, Bill and Ira.  Corrected slides attached.  

Yes, oops on the date.  My notes were in error and I didn't check the
minutes when I was writing.  I changed it to Q4, per the minutes.  If
the group at the F2F wants to change it to "December" for the Core
concall, no problema.  


PS: I changed the file name, too, to correct the name of the DMTF group
we will be conferring with from WIP to Core.  

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Hi Rick,

Thanks - very good slides at just the right level of detail for our
PWG/CIM Core joint teleconference next Friday.

One important error - on the last page, the completion date for the CIM
Extensions (aka WP#3) should be "Q4 2006" and not "August 2006" (much
too soon), as reflected in Craig's minutes from our 5 January 2006
WIMS-CIM teleconference.

Personally, I think we should just call it "December 2006", given that
the last PWG face-to-face of the year is in the last week of October
2006 and it will take some time to process any feedback we receive then
from work-in-progress review.

- Ira

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ALL: (sorry for multiple  truncated messages; I must be hitting some
send key combination)
Rick: Many thanks. Concise. Only suggestion is to reword title "PWG-CIM
Alignment Plan" rather than "Status"
I suggest agenda of:
1.      Introduction (very short)
a.      Statement of project objectives
b.      Identification of participants
c.       Objectives of Call
2.      PWG Plan and Schedule for Alignment 
a.      Slides
b.      Solicit comments
3.      Discuss and Solicit Suggestions on Mechanics of CR submission 
a.      number vs size
b.      submission procedure 
c.       anticipated followup activity, and time
Is there anything else we need out of this meeting?
Bill Wagner

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> Please feel free to edit, or at least comment. 
> rick 
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