WIMS> CIM> CIM Core discussion about MappingString format

WIMS> CIM> CIM Core discussion about MappingString format

WIMS> CIM> CIM Core discussion about MappingString format

Richard_Landau at Dell.com Richard_Landau at Dell.com
Fri Mar 24 15:56:36 EST 2006

Went well.  Not perfectly, which is my fault but easily fixed.
Discussion points:

- MIB.PWG okay.  

- Hyphen instead of dot okay.  The only reasonable alternative is %2E or
some such, which is much more hostile to humans.  

- "Section 4" was questioned.  I, unfortunately, could not get the doc
(PWG5101.1) open in time to look at the section, and I didn't remember
it.  The group's statement was If there is a table or data structure
containing a property, one should use pipe syntax, e.g., 
    doc.authority | structurename | propertyname.  
See examples in the new association
CIM_SCSIInitiatorTargetLogicalUnitPath, which is, horrors, a three-way
association, but includes several examples of this syntax, e.g., 

HOWEVER, that doesn't apply to the PWG5101.1 "Section 4 Media Color
Names" case, anyway.  As I read it, Section 4 is a textual convention,
one of three in the doc, which might be specified as a syntactic
restriction on any number of properties in other specifications.  There
is no property name within a structure to be cited.  I assume that the
same reasoning would apply to any other textual convention if there were
no other formal syntax to apply.  The IANA textual conventions that we
cite do have a reasonable structure because they are defined in MIBs, so
that case is not comparable.  Conclusion: no problem.  

I closed off the debate by saying that we would take a look at it and
send a revised email with context so that they could understand the
"Section 4" case, however we resolved it.  We should send a very simple
revised message (again to wg-cimcore), with wording about textual
conventions but not in formal MIB or other syntax, and maybe an extract
of Section 4 from the document, declare victory, and move on.  Ira, can
you make the slight additions?

Also, a nit, I found a minor typo in PWG5101.1 when I was looking at our
friend Section 4: the first para ends with "...as defined in Table ."
It should say "Table 1."

Have a good weekend, all.


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