WIMS> NO WIMS Protocol Concall on Wed 29 MAR.

WIMS> NO WIMS Protocol Concall on Wed 29 MAR.

WIMS> NO WIMS Protocol Concall on Wed 29 MAR.

wamwagner at comcast.net wamwagner at comcast.net
Mon Mar 27 16:56:23 EST 2006

The Wednesday 1PM EST Time slot this week will be used by SM.  Pete's message follows:

Bill Wagner
The PWG Semantic Model Working Group has been on hiatus since the 
publishing of the Semantic Model and associated Schema. There is work 
from other work groups that needs to be reflected in an update to the 
Semantic Model as well as some possible application of the PWG candidate 

Some of the items that will be taken up are: 

    Inclusion of Usage Counters 

    Inclusion of Device semantics (i.e. Printer MIB device model 

    Inclusion of Web-based Imaging Management Services 

    Extension to MultiFunction Devices 

    PWG Semantic Model applicability to Management by Web Services (e.g. 
WSDM, WS-Management) 

    RDF Schema for PWG Semantic Model vocabulary 

    (Let me know if I'm missing something) 

Please take the time to listen in to this teleconference to see if the 
Semantic Model work might be useful across the industry for management 
and service solutions in heterogeneous environments. 

 The concall is at 1PM EST on Wednesday, 29 March. 
Dial In: 1-866-365-4406 
Toll #: 1-303-248-9655 
Passcode: 2635888# 


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