WIMS> RE: Whither the confusion in prtGeneral?

WIMS> RE: Whither the confusion in prtGeneral?

WIMS> RE: Whither the confusion in prtGeneral?

wamwagner at comcast.net wamwagner at comcast.net
Sat Nov 18 17:02:52 EST 2006

My recollection of my (perhaps incorrect) understanding at the time was that Steve Waldbusser maintained that scalars were to be avoided ( I don't recall why) and objects that were scalars  logically  associated with a table were lumped into the General Table rather than being in the group to which they corresponded.  (e.g., default indexes). I know this has caused much confusion over the years.

Bill Wagner

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Hi Rick,

Steve Waldbusser _half_ moved these scalars up.  Though
the actual OIDs are subordinate to 'prtGeneralEntry', the
conformance macros (ever since RFC 1759) have it
backwards, as in the following excerpts:

prtGeneralGroup OBJECT-GROUP
    OBJECTS { prtGeneralConfigChanges,
              prtGeneralReset, prtCoverDescription,
              prtLocalizationLanguage, prtLocalizationCountry,
              prtLocalizationCharacterSet, prtStorageRefIndex,
              prtDeviceRefIndex }

prtConsoleGroup OBJECT-GROUP
    OBJECTS { prtConsoleLocalization, prtConsoleNumberOfDisplayLines,
              prtConsoleNumberOfDisplayChars, prtConsoleDisable,
              prtConsoleDisplayBufferText, prtConsoleOnTime,
              prtConsoleOffTime, prtConsoleColor,
              prtConsoleDescription }

Notice the completely broken presence of 'prtCoverStatus'
in the prtGeneralGroup - and absent prtCoverGroup - duh!

Thanks for reworking the diagram - I agree that the modelling
is yucky but simpler.

- Ira
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Ira, I think the confusion originally stemmed from something like this.  (Pure hypothesis.  Memory does not go back that far, at least not in this level of detail.)  
The prtGeneralTable contains these goodies, among others: 
By *name* they appear to belong to their respective groups.  However, all their OIDs are in the General group, specifically in the General table entry.  It looks to me as though they were originally formulated as members of their respective groups, and that someone picked them up, moved the text definition and the OIDs down into the General group.  Is it possible that this is the relocation that you are remembering?  
Well, in any case, let's be sure to add those properties to the CIM_Printer base class.  And then there are only two scalars left, prtConsoleNumberOfDisplayLines and NumberOfDisplayChars.  We move those two, too, and voila, emptiness in all the table headers.  
I have already redrawn the pictures.  Lots simpler.  
Gobble, gobble.  
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