WIMS> CIM> How to represent SubUnitStatus in CIM?

WIMS> CIM> How to represent SubUnitStatus in CIM?

WIMS> CIM> How to represent SubUnitStatus in CIM?

Richard_Landau at Dell.com Richard_Landau at Dell.com
Thu Jan 11 16:52:28 EST 2007

Ira, regarding our discussion on SubUnitStatus today, I think that there
are (at least) two choices: either a vector of enum values or several
separate variables.  It might not be thoroughly unreasonable to break it
into five variables representing the five sections that were or-ed
together in the first place.  

StatusAvailability	enum
	0	idle
	1	on request, unavailable
	2	standby
	3	broken, unavailable
	4	active
	5	unknown
	6	busy
StatusCriticalAlert	Boolean
StatusNonCriticalAlert	Boolean
StatusOnline	Boolean
StatusTransitioning	Boolean

It's an idea, anyway.  Whaddyathink?  

For comparison, here is the section from the MIB intro, from which I
cribbed the text above.  

   The PrtSubUnitStatusTC is an integer that is the sum of 5 distinct
   values, Availability, Non-Critical, Critical, On-line, and
   Transitioning.  These values are:

   Availability                           value

           Available and Idle               0       000'b
           Available and Standby            2       010'b
           Available and Active             4       100'b
           Available and Busy               6       110'b
           Unavailable and OnRequest        1       001'b
           Unavailable because Broken       3       011'b
           Unknown                          5       101'b


           No Non-Critical Alerts           0
           Non-Critical Alerts              8


           No Critical Alerts               0
           Critical Alerts                 16


           State is On-Line                 0
           State is Off-Line               32


           At intended state                0
           Transitioning to intended state 64

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