WIMS> CIM> How to represent SubUnitStatus in CIM?

WIMS> CIM> How to represent SubUnitStatus in CIM?

WIMS> CIM> How to represent SubUnitStatus in CIM?

Richard_Landau at Dell.com Richard_Landau at Dell.com
Mon Jan 15 09:24:02 EST 2007

Good, multiple properties it is.  We're changing only the
representation, not the semantics, so I hope the impact on other specs
is minimal or zero.  One can easily reconstitute the SubUnitStatus from
these pieces.  I don't quite understand why the WIMS or SM specs would
need to change at all.  View this as just translating the status
information into Martian, output only.  

On the question of enum names, well, I was trying to simplify the names
a little by eliminating the "available," which is the normal state, from
most of the values, and leaving only the "unavailable" exception case.
Since the mapping is unambiguous, even though we are changing the
representation dramatically, I thought the contraction was a positive
benefit.  If it's really a problem, nuke it.  

Of course, we could add even another boolean variable for
StatusAvailable, but then the two wouldn't be orthogonal.  :-)


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Hi Rick,

I actually favor the multiple properties approach.

But this will require some adjustment in the PWG Semantic Model 2.0

Because the WIMS Subunits schema defines the complex type
"SubunitStates" - an array of "SubunitState"
of type "SubunitStateWKV" (e.g., 'Online' and
Transitioning') - used widely in Subunits schema and the Alerts schema
for notifications and history for subunits (i.e., rows in

Editorial issue - explosion of multiple status property definitions in

Editorial issue - value names - the Subunits schema uses them verbatim
(e.g., 'AvailableAndIdle' and
'UnavailableAndOnRequest') - I prefer this.

- Ira

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Just spoke with Core leadership about this.  The use of separate status
variables seems to be the new direction, rather than the use of arrays
status enums.  There are several new status variables being added
anyway) to EnabledLogicalElement in a new CR.  I think this is a
directon for us to take.  If someone has a better partitioning of the
than this traditional one, please elaborate.  


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Ira, regarding our discussion on SubUnitStatus today, I think that there
(at least) two choices: either a vector of enum values or several
variables.  It might not be thoroughly unreasonable to break it into
variables representing the five sections that were or-ed together in the
first place.  
StatusAvailability      enum 
        0       idle 
        1       on request, unavailable 
        2       standby 
        3       broken, unavailable 
        4       active 
        5       unknown 
        6       busy 
StatusCriticalAlert     Boolean 
StatusNonCriticalAlert  Boolean 
StatusOnline    Boolean 
StatusTransitioning     Boolean 
It's an idea, anyway.  Whaddyathink?  
For comparison, here is the section from the MIB intro, from which I
the text above.  
   The PrtSubUnitStatusTC is an integer that is the sum of 5 distinct 
   values, Availability, Non-Critical, Critical, On-line, and 
   Transitioning.  These values are: 
   Availability                           value 
           Available and Idle               0       000'b 
           Available and Standby            2       010'b 
           Available and Active             4       100'b 
           Available and Busy               6       110'b 
           Unavailable and OnRequest        1       001'b 
           Unavailable because Broken       3       011'b 
           Unknown                          5       101'b 
           No Non-Critical Alerts           0 
           Non-Critical Alerts              8 
           No Critical Alerts               0 
           Critical Alerts                 16 
           State is On-Line                 0 
           State is Off-Line               32 
           At intended state                0 
           Transitioning to intended state 64 

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