WIMS> Revision to Counter Spec

WIMS> Revision to Counter Spec

WIMS> Revision to Counter Spec

wamwagner at comcast.net wamwagner at comcast.net
Sun Feb 4 15:25:58 EST 2007

I have incorporated Lee's and Ira's comments in the Counter Spec update. A marked up doc file is at

(sorry, I am still in Boulder without my PDF generator)

The changes are to document page 8 (Datastream change), where at Pete's request, we added some clarification of the fact that datastream includes job processing instruction information, such as a job ticket.

and to document pages 27 and 28, where  we added the MediaUsed.MediaAccountingKey element. For those who mught have missed the previous background discussion:

When all media in a given system, or a given environment, were distinguishable by size alone, then the different media are uniquely differentiated by MediaUsed.MediaSizeName. However, if there were different media types of the same size, then some additional element must be used to differentiate between them. MediaUsed.MediaInfo was available, and was sufficiently free form so that any set of distinguishing characteristics could be used (weight, color, letterhead imprint, etc). Problem that Stuart identified with MediaUsed.MediaInfo is that it is intended for human consumption and as such is localizable. This makes it difficult to use reliably as a machine readable identifier. Ira therefore suggested adding a new, non localizable element (MediaUsed.MediaAccountingKey). 

I don't think that the introduction of this new element affects other  counter spec chapters (although I wonder that there are no media identification elements in the Per Service lists of chapter 6).

This working draft is submitted for working group review, with the objective of be able to submit it for a PWG review period including the February face to face. Please review and submit objections before the next WIMS/CIM meeting on 8 Feb.

Thank you.

Bill Wagner
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