WIMS> CIM> Notes from CIM Core WG discussion this morning.

WIMS> CIM> Notes from CIM Core WG discussion this morning.

WIMS> CIM> Notes from CIM Core WG discussion this morning.

Richard_Landau at Dell.com Richard_Landau at Dell.com
Fri Mar 9 13:09:07 EST 2007

Notes from CIM Core discussion today.  I got ten minutes to talk about
the PrintOutputTray CR.  Big audience, but not much discussion.  

- Pete Zehler joined the call as a rep of the PWG as an alliance
partner.  However, because of intellectual property rules, since Xerox
is not a DMTF member company, Pete had to leave the call after the
discussion of the printer CR.  

- Suggestion: PWG should write a profile for printer device,
particularly describing how printer status is evaluated to populate the
four new CIM status variables.  

- Suggestion: In the future, when we make changes to the CIM_Printer
class, we almost certainly need to reconstitute Printer as a
PrinterDevice, an autonomous device that lives on a network, as a child
of CIM_ComputerSystem.  Printers today are not just logical devices
attached to your desktop system.  They are independent, network-resident
little systems.  (This will be somewhat more work than we were expecting
to do, but not toooooo bad.)

- After we finish describing the manageable units of the printer device,
we will work on the PrintService, which is the CIM representation of the
logical printer of IPP and DPA.  

Points that I tried to make during the discussion: 

Migrate existing model of printer from SNMP to CIM.

Represent the manageable structure of a printer device, not currently
included at all.
- input trays and media
- output trays and finishers
- supplies
- console
- alerts
- channels and interpreters
- media paths (landscape, duplex, etc.)

Applications already understand the structure; enable them to migrate to
CIM-based web services.  

Early CIM implementations will be proxy providers that speak SNMP to

Results of discussions about the CR to add the new class:

- Aaron and I went back and forth several times.  

- Add keys.  We were concerned about the CIM_Printer as the scoping
device, since it's not a ComputerSystem.  

- Lots of status variables in the class.  Nine seems excessive, but
there is not much overlap.  
- Current model includes five evaluations of "sub-unit status."  All
OR-ed together into a single nasty word.  We separated them into
single-purpose status variables that can be queried, much more friendly
to CQL.  
- On recommendation, we also included the new status variables from

- Units: we will have to add a few new items to PUNIT, the new appendix
of DSP0004.
- sheets, items, impressions, sides, etc.
- We are (Ira is) collecting an exhaustive list, and we will add new
values all at once.  

Richard_Landau(at)dell(dot)com, Stds & System Mgt Architecture, CTO
+1-512-728-9023, One Dell Way, RR5-3, MS RR5-09, Round Rock, TX 78682

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