WIMS> CIM: 12 April Noon EDT - WIMS-CIM Telecon

WIMS> CIM: 12 April Noon EDT - WIMS-CIM Telecon

WIMS> CIM: 12 April Noon EDT - WIMS-CIM Telecon

Harry Lewis harryl at us.ibm.com
Thu Apr 12 01:28:04 EDT 2007

Unfortunately, I will not be able to make this call... maps right on top 
of an unavoidable internal meeting. If there is any way for me to exit my 
internal meeting early I will dial in. 
Harry Lewis 
Intellectual Property, Standards and Licensing
Chairman - ISTO Printer Working Group

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WIMS> CIM: 12 April Noon EDT - WIMS-CIM Telecon

The next CIM alignment/WIMS Counter MIB  concall is at the new time of 
Noon EST on Thursday, 12 April. This is immediately AFTER the 8am PDT / 
11am EDT time slot shared by PMP, IPP, and SM telecons.
Dial In: 1-866-365-4406 
Toll #: 1-303-248-9655 
Passcode: 2635888# 
1. Review of the Minutes of the last conference call:
2. Consideration of consensus on ordered list of CIM MOF classes. PLEASE 
Submit your preferred ordering. See copy of Ira's request below.
3. Consideration of Ira's  first working draft of Counter MIB v2 at:

    - ASN.1 only - compiles without warnings in Epilogue and SMICng

    - PDF - color-highlighted ASN.1 of MIB
See Ira's Summary below
Request for ordered list of CIM MOF classes
Background:  As a result of the slow CIM Core WG process, we urgently
need to reach concensus on the ORDER in which we will model the tables
from the Printer MIB (RFC 1759/3805) into CIM MOF classes, as described
in Rick Landau's document :

   Below is Ira's ordered list of CIM MOF classes:

(0)  CIM_PrintOutputTray - prtOutputTable - done - in progress at DMTF
(1)  CIM_PrintInputTray - prtInputTable - done - not submitted to DMTF
(2)  CIM_PrintMarker - prtMarkerTable - done - not submitted to DMTF
(3)  CIM_PrintChannel - prtChannelTable - done - not submitted to DMTF
(4)  CIM_PrintSupply - prtMarkerSuppliesTable
(5)  CIM_PrintDeviceCover - prtCoverTable
(6)  CIM_PrintAlertLog - prtAlertTable
(7)  CIM_PrintAlertRecord - prtAlertEntry
(8)  CIM_PrintMediaPath - prtMediaPathTable
(9)  CIM_PrintInterpreter - prtInterpreterTable
(10) CIM_PrintColorant - prtMarkerColorantTable
(11) CIM_PrintConsol! eLight - prtConsoleLightTable
(12) CIM_PrintConsoleDisplayBuffer - prtConsoleDisplayBufferTable
(13) CIM_Printer - prtGeneralTable - last - depends on all other classes
Summary of Counter MIB V2 features
(1) Counter MIB v2 supports monitoring of the counters and state of all
    imaging services and subunits independent of any other MIB (but
    coherent with Printer MIB, Finisher MIB, and Host Resources MIB).

(2) Counter MIB v2 resolves the main problem of MFP alerts (ambiguity
    about which services are affected when a given subunit has a fault).

(3) Counter MIB v2 adds objects to three existing tables and adds one
    new table, so it must pass through the full PWG Process:  Initial,
    Interim, Prototype, Stable, PWG Last Call, and PWG Formal Vote.

(4) Counter MIB v2 is 100% backward compatible with Counter MIB v1 (all
    new objects have new compliance groups).
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