WIMS> Posted Imaging System State and Counter MIB v2 (28 April 2007)

WIMS> Posted Imaging System State and Counter MIB v2 (28 April 2007)

WIMS> Posted Imaging System State and Counter MIB v2 (28 April 2007)

Ron.Bergman at ricoh-usa.com Ron.Bergman at ricoh-usa.com
Wed May 2 17:43:03 EDT 2007

Hi Ira,

Thank you for the quick update on your proposal.  Here are some comments.

1. In my proposal for Service State, I included an enum for "offline".
Although this can be obtained from "stopped" and by reading the Alert
table, I believe the offline condition has sufficient uniqueness to be
included as a unique entry.  This would be especially useful in sites where
the user is only able to access this level of information (i.e. not the
alert table) and must call a service person for even simple issues such as
adding paper or clearing jams.  But if someone just pressed the offline key
he could walk over to the printer or call a secretary to put the printer
back on line.

2. In IcSubunitTypeTC you have added "vendorSubunit (60)".  This enum has
been defined for Fax in the Alerts Extension document.

3. I suggest a short note in the beginning of the Conformance Statements
indicating there are two entries and why.  This is a long section and it
will not be obvious that there is are two until they are read completely.


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                                       WIMS> Posted Imaging System State   
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Hi,                                             Saturday (28 April 2007)

[Based on review at the PWG Piscataway face-to-face meeting Thursday]
[For review on the WIMS mailing list and at the next WIMS telecon]

I've just posted my third working draft of Imaging System State and
Counter MIB v2 at:

    - ASN.1 only - compiles without warnings in Epilogue and SMICng

    - PDF - color-highlighted ASN.1 of MIB

(1) Imaging System State and Counter MIB v2 supports monitoring of the
    _state_ and/or counters of all imaging services and imaging subunits
    independent of any other MIB (but coherent with Printer MIB,
    Finisher MIB, and Host Resources MIB).

(2) Imaging System State and Counter MIB v2 resolves the main problem of
    MFP Alerts (ambiguity about which services are affected when a given
    alert occurs).

(3) Imaging System State and Counter MIB v2 adds objects to three
    existing tables and adds one new table, so it must pass through the
    full PWG Process:  Initial, Interim, Prototype, Stable, PWG Last
    Call, and PWG Formal Approval vote.

(4) Imaging System State and Counter MIB v2 is 100% backward compatible
    with Counter MIB v1 (all new objects have new compliance groups).

The only changes from the previous version were:  changing the MIB
descriptive name (but not the module label or OID); adding new
'icServicePrtAlertIndex' object; and adding new 'icMIBStateCompliance'
macro - thanks to Ron Bergman and Pete Zehler!


- Ira

Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
Chair - Linux Foundation Open Printing WG
Blue Roof Music / High North Inc
PO Box 221  Grand Marais, MI  49839
phone: +1-906-494-2434
email: imcdonald at sharplabs.com
Change Log (from REVISION clause in body of MIB)

28 April 2007 - Imaging System State and Counter MIB v2 - Working Draft
* Revised DESCRIPTION clause of imagingCounterMIB MODULE-IDENTITY
    macro to explicitly support state monitoring.
* Added one new columnar object to existing conceptual table:
    icServicePrtAlertIndex appended to
        icServiceTable, per Printer MIB v2 (RFC 3805).
* Added new MODULE-COMPLIANCE macro icMIBStateCompliance, for use
    when Imaging System State and Counter MIB V2 is implemented
    for service state and (optional) subunit state monitoring.

23 April 2007 - Counter MIB v2 - Working Draft

* Clarified conformance requirements for icKeyServiceIndex and
    icServiceIndex with respect to Host Resources MIB.

31 March 2007 - Counter MIB v2 - Working Draft

* Added two new textual conventions:
    IcServiceStateTC, per WIMS Protocol (PWG 5106.2), based on
        IPP/1.1 (RFC 2911) and Host Resources MIB (RFC 2790);
    IcSubunitStatusTC, per WIMS Protocol (PWG 5106.2), based on
        PrtSubUnitStatusTC in Printer MIB (RFC 3805).
* Revised one existing textual convention:
    IcSubunitTypeTC, to add all finishing device types, based on
        FinDeviceTypeTC in Finisher MIB (RFC 3806).
* Added five new columnar objects to existing conceptual tables:
    icServiceState and icServiceStateMessage appended to
        icServiceTable, per WIMS Protocol (PWG 5106.2);
    icSubunitStatus and icSubunitStatusMessage appended to
        icSubunitTable, per WIMS Protocol (PWG 5106.2);
    icMediaUsedMediaAccountingKey appended to
        icMediaUsedTable, per PWG Abtract Counters (PWG 5106.1).
* Added one new conceptual table:
    icSubunitMapTable, to map services to their subunits.
* Added four new OBJECT-GROUPS:
    icSubunitMapV2Group (Optional);
    icServiceV2Group (Optional);
    icSubunitV2Group (Optional);
    icMediaUsedV2Group (Optional).
* In MODULE-COMPLIANCE icMIBCompliance, new OBJECT-GROUPs are all
    all in GROUP (not MANDATORY-GROUP) clauses.  The one new
    table and the six new objects are optional, i.e., this
    version is backward compatible with Counter MIB v1.

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