WIMS> RE: CIM> Colorant Role is a C, right?

WIMS> RE: CIM> Colorant Role is a C, right?

WIMS> RE: CIM> Colorant Role is a C, right?

Richard_Landau at Dell.com Richard_Landau at Dell.com
Fri May 18 11:12:29 EDT 2007

Yes, but the point I was trying to make is that they cannot be confused:
they're always different colors.  If the printer says that I need cyan
toner, I know that it is the process cyan since there is no spot cyan.
If it asks for red, I know that it is spot red because there is no
process red.  And I don't think that any manufacturer would include both
a process black and a spot black.  So the role is unambiguous, I think,
based on the color.  

Yes, Mitsubishi has some eight-process-color printers, four of whose
toners will be forced to have color Other, but we have cleverly added
OtherColorDescription to disambiguate.  

It's only one property.  

I thought that we carefully triple-checked all the cases where there was
a disconnect between the votes and the consensus.  But I cannot remember
the discussion around this point at all.  


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Hi Rick,

It's a mistake in the ranking then.  Office class printers do often have
both process and spot colorants and the role is critical to know for a
given instance (why we all gave it "A").  Spot colorant actually goes
into different size and shape containers on some Xerox products.
And the count of Process and Spot colorants in Marker has to have the
role to correlate.

I'm leaving it in.

- Ira

On 5/17/07, Richard_Landau at dell.com <Richard_Landau at dell.com> wrote:
> Ira, I note in the Conclusions spreadsheet that we decided that the 
> colorant Role should be a C rather than an A.  We all voted A and then

> decided C.  I don't recall the argument, but I'll bet it was something

> about being able to determine the role from the number and colors of
colorants, but who knows.
> In any case, gonzo, right?  So the only property that we must absorb 
> into Supply from Colorant is Value.
> (It is just wildly conceivable that there is an office aisle-ender 
> class printer with both spot and process colors, but they won't be the
same color.
>  E.g., if black exists, it is either a process color or a spot color, 
> never
> both.)
> rick
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