WIMS> CIM> FW: [wg-cimcore] Groups - PWG pix of new Printer classes (Visio-Printer_11.pdf) uploaded

WIMS> CIM> FW: [wg-cimcore] Groups - PWG pix of new Printer classes (Visio-Printer_11.pdf) uploaded

WIMS> CIM> FW: [wg-cimcore] Groups - PWG pix of new Printer classes (Visio-Printer_11.pdf) uploaded

Richard_Landau at Dell.com Richard_Landau at Dell.com
Thu Jun 28 18:36:10 EDT 2007

PWG folks, this is the explanatory message I attached to the new Visio
diagrams of the printer classes, which I sent to CIM Core this evening.


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Subject: [wg-cimcore] Groups - PWG pix of new Printer classes
(Visio-Printer_11.pdf) uploaded

Based on comments from CIM Core, we have changed the enhanced printer
model slightly.  

- All the component classes (trays, markers, supplies, etc.) are derived
from a new class, CIM_PrinterElement, which in turn is derived from
CIM_LogicalElement.  Two properties that appeared in all the component
classes have been factored out into the new parent class: InstanceID and

- The component classes are now associated with the parent CIM_Printer
instance using a new association, CIM_PrinterComponent, which is a
specialization of CIM_Dependency.  The association uses more specific
typing than the CIM_ConcreteComponent association that was previously
used.  Also, it restricts the cardinality of the parent printer to be
exactly one.  

- The class CIM_PrintDeviceCover has been renamed to CIM_PrintInterlock
to regularize class naming.  

- The class CIM_PrintConsoleDisplayBuffer will now be represented as an
array of string values in the parent CIM_Printer class.  

- We added a CIM_PrintFinisher class to represent devices such as
staplers, folders, etc., now rather than later because its presence
changes some of the associations.  

- We corrected the cardinalities on a number of the associations.  

- And lastly, we have decided that a network printer will be represented
as an instance of a dedicated CIM_ComputerSystem that has a CIM_Printer
associated with it.  The value of CIM_ComputerSystem.Dedicated will be a
new enum value, "Network Printer" because the old value "Print" has
likely been used for network-resident print server boxes and other
devices of very different function.  (There is no definition in the MOF
of the interpretation of the old enum value.)  The CIM_Printer instance
will be associated with the scoping CIM_ComputerSystem by the
CIM_SystemDevice association, as is commonly used.  And other devices
and services, such as network interfaces and protocol services, will
also be associated with the scoping system as required in the profiles

 -- Mr. Richard Landau

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Class diagram, inheritance, etc. of new CIM_Printer model.

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