WIMS> Reminder - Concall Mon 7 April 11am EDT

WIMS> Reminder - Concall Mon 7 April 11am EDT

WIMS> Reminder - Concall Mon 7 April 11am EDT

William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Fri Apr 4 14:06:03 EDT 2008

The next WIMS/CIM teleconference is this coming Monday 7 April 11am EDT.

  US Toll Free:1-866-365-4406
  International: 00+1+303-248-9655

The main subject will be preparation for the April 18 Face to Face meeting.
The steering committee has requested that are face to face meetings become
more interactive. However almost all of the CIM effort so far has been by
Ira and Rick (and for phase 1,  Craig) who may be the only ones who have an
idea of what all of this is about let alone understand the non-intuitive
CIM Data items.  We are not writing a spec like the MFD group so that an
interactive page-turning session is not an option. Having taken a look at
the CIM Alert Indications, I am less optimistic about this as a topic for
interactive participation by persons not versed in CIM.

Considering that the MOFs for Printer Device are now complete, and that we
need more participation to get broader prototyping effort and to effectively
pursue further printing, counter and eventually MFD CIM representation, I
think a more specific picture of the Printing MOFs, CIM, and Management by
Web Services is necessary. Rick has given presentations before that stress
the importance of Management by Web Services, as well as summaries of CIM
Alert Indications. But I think we need to
	a. understand what, when and how printer information in CIM will be
	b. what specifically must be done within a printer or a MIB to CIM
translation appliance to support management applications using CIM
structures (what is on the wire); 
	c. which  of the 17 printer-related MOFs (and other more general
MOFs) are applicable/ important/ necessary to support

Further, with regard to CIM  Alert Indications and the CIM-PrintAlertRecord
(the latter of which appears to just map to the prtAlertsTable), it is not
clear to me what needs to be done. I think the anticipated face-to-face
activity was to correlate prtAlert messages with existing values for CIM
Indication Properties, or identify new values. Hopefully, we can structure
this so that participants can contribute on a conceptual basis without
necessarily getting into the details of the CIM document.

So the proposed agenda is:

(1) Review minutes of previous telecon
(2) Discuss face-to-face presentation on application of CIM printer MIFs
(3) Provide outline on CIM Alert Indications activity (if agreed that this
is feasible) and solicit opinions.


Bill Wagner

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