WIMS> Next CIM Concall- 7 July 11AM EDT

WIMS> Next CIM Concall- 7 July 11AM EDT

WIMS> Next CIM Concall- 7 July 11AM EDT

wamwagner at comcast.net wamwagner at comcast.net
Sun Jul 6 14:16:32 EDT 2008

The next WIMS/CIM concall is at 11 AM EDT Monday, 7  July.

 Phone: 1-866-365-4406 
Passcode: 2635888#

Proposed Agenda:

1. Review of Face to Face minutes:
(Thanks Craig)
2. Counter MIB CIM conversions. Ira posed several questions for which no answers are listed
    a. Mapping String length
    b. Config Change Element
    c. Timestamp
3. Update on Dell Prototyping Activity
4. Comments on CIM Schema 2.18.1, (20 June)
5. MIB-CIM Provider Effort
   a. Ideas on development sponsor...Company that would benefit sufficiently to sponsor development 
   b. Member Companies willing to contribute funds, manpower for Open Printing effort
   c. What do we really want as a result of development?
        1. second implementation of Printer Schema to get out of experimental status (Yes)
        2. Freely available, product level release of Provider application
             a. Who  provides executables for which OS?
             b. Who makes availability known, distributes
             c. Who maintains software, does customer service
       3. Open source code to be used by Imaging Equipment manufacturers of others to produce (proprietary) applications?
6. Next steps.

Thanks. Hope you can join the call.

Bill Wagner
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