WIMS> WIMS 5 Jan Telecon at 11 AM EST

WIMS> WIMS 5 Jan Telecon at 11 AM EST

WIMS> WIMS 5 Jan Telecon at 11 AM EST

William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Sat Jan 3 17:38:13 EST 2009

Hope all have had a good holiday. Sorry for the late reminder, but we have a
WIMS (Imaging System Management) telecom at 11 AM EST on Monday 5 January.

Agenda is:

1. Meeting is held in accord with PWG IP Policy

2. Identify Minute-taker

3. Accept Minutes of:
	a. 4 December Face to Face meeting that we did not get to at last
	b. 15 December Telecon
4. Action Items
	a. Cut at revised charter posted

5. Project Status Update ( if principles are available)
	a. CIM Provider Prototype - Rick
	b. Print Services MOF - Ira

6. Discuss 
	a. New WG name
	b. New Charter
      c. Approach to Power Management Elements - prep for BoF in Feb-
(assign action items)


Bill Wagner

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Subject: Minutes of WIMS Telecon & Updated Charter

The minutes of the December 15 telecon are posted at:

The main item of discussion was the name and charter for the consolidated
WIMS/PMP WG. A draft of a new charter is posted at:

Please take a look at the charter. We will discuss it at the 5 January

Have a good Holiday.

Bill Wagner

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