[WIMS] CIM> Posted new proto provider output files

[WIMS] CIM> Posted new proto provider output files

[WIMS] CIM> Posted new proto provider output files

Richard_Landau at Dell.com Richard_Landau at Dell.com
Mon May 11 16:09:51 UTC 2009

Just posted the latest, and I hope last, set of output files from the
Printer Provider Proxy Prototype.  There are no defects that I know of
in the mapping from SNMP to CIM.  


My To-Do list for this code is included here so you can see what has
been done recently and what remains.  If you find something that is not
included here, PLEASE report it.  

Things Remaining to Do to the Printer Provider Proxy Prototype

                                Rick Landau, Dell



doc: Add section on skillset required of programmer/manager who is
    going to run tests.  

doc: Add section on skillset required of programmer who is going to 
    alter the
    - MIB files (in dat)
    - run and analyze scripts
    - ini files
    - Python code

snmpcli.py: Add code to name OIDs not found, translate numeric OID back
    to prtXxx SNMP name.  


calcvalues.py: Add code to parse sysUpTime in all the various formats 
    from various SNMP dump utilities.
    (1234567890)  d days, hh:mm:ss.ff
    and anything else that comes along.  sysUpTime is used to calculate
    how old alerts are. 
DONE 20090428

calcvalues.py: Add double parens (( ... )) around "supply is not a
DONE 20090428

doc: Add section on System Requirements.  
    DOS line endings
    bash, sh, grep, sed
    Python, Perl, awk
    All examples and scripts run in CygWin; probably run on real
Linices, too.
DONE 20090427

doc: Add section on how to run the basic tests (after installing
    Mention particularly redirection and tee.
DONE 20090427

doc: Add section on how to use for comparison between printers or
    of MIB dumps.  In general, what else can you do with this thing?  
    bash files that direct the testing are trivial to adapt.  
DONE 20090427

calcvalues.py or bins.ini: Channel.Type wrong, always zero.  
DONE 20090428

prov-test-analyze-log.sh: Doesn't show Channel.Type.  
DONE 20090428

snmpcli.py: if sysname is null, reports as OID not found instead of 
    empty string.  
DONE 20090429

calcvalues.py: In fName() and fInstanceID() insert something to
    for an empty string value of sysName.  In RecordLog_InstanceID(),
DONE 20090430

doc: Add section on the incompleteness of status value calculations.
    of these will be vendor specific, but some should be standardized.  
DONE 20090504

doc: Add section on the vagueness of all the different ways of naming 
    something.  What is it that we should put in Caption, Description, 
    Name, ElementName, InstanceID, etc.?
DONE 20090424

calcvalues.py: Calculate OperatingStatus to "In Service" if there are no

    alerts outstanding on the subunit.  Alg looks okay, but may be
    the wrong data item.  
DONE 20090504

calcvalues.py: PrintAlertRecord.RecordID is all zeros.  Can this be
    Nope, the bin for the property was empty.  
DONE 20090505

This time for sure, said Bullwinkle.  

Richard_Landau(at)dell(dot)com, Stds & System Mgt Architecture, CTO
+1-512-728-9023, One Dell Way, RR5-3, MS RR5-32, Round Rock, TX 78682 

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