[WIMS] Teleconference Monday 20 July at 11 AM EDT

[WIMS] Teleconference Monday 20 July at 11 AM EDT

[WIMS] Teleconference Monday 20 July at 11 AM EDT

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Tue Jul 14 02:12:13 UTC 2009


There will be a WIMS telecom on  Monday, 20 July at 11 AM EDT. 

We have waited a bit after the June Face-to-face, but there are two
significant areas that we need workgroup participation and comment. Please
take advantage of this early notice to take a look at these things.

1.     Rick's proxy provider code (or to be more precise, SNMP  interpreter)
is posted  at 



We really need workgroup members to take a good crack at that. Rick will be
at the August Face-to-face to provide more details, but his explanation will
make more sense, and he will be able to address issues better if members
have worked with the program. If you are having trouble getting started,
Rick may be  able to provide some assistance now.

2.     Imaging System Power Management Elements is now an approved WIMS
Project. Ira has sketched out his ideas on the Power Management elements and
posted them at


 If we get no comments, it will be interpreted as full agreement with this
approach (and I cannot believe that could happen on the first cut) 


1. Identify Minute-taker 

2. Meeting is held in accord with PWG IP Policy

3. Accept Minutes from June Face-to-face
.pdf (Thanks Lee)

4. Comments/Experiences  on Rick's Posted Prototype Printing  Provider

5. Discussion of Ira's Power Management Outline.   

6. Update on CIM Service effort 



Bill Wagner 

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