[WIMS] Ambient Light events for power management

[WIMS] Ambient Light events for power management

[WIMS] Ambient Light events for power management

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 19:19:18 UTC 2009


Excerpted by permission from an offline thread today with Rich Gray,
some comments on yesterday's Power Management Model draft:


Rich originally wrote:

1113 [RFC3231]
1114 IETF Schedule MIB, RFC 3231, January 2002.
1115 http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3629.txt

Wrong RFC in link.

One way I've always thought for printers in some settings to manage
power would be to simply have an ambient light sensor and sleep if
it's dark.  Would this spec support such a thing? Perhaps Ambient
Light could be a policy trigger?


Ira replied:

Thanks for the editorial catch.

I like your idea of events for AmbientLight (High/Low/Off?) and
an event-based policy to Sleep, Suspend, or Hibernate based
on the Low/Off events (Low, because most sites keep some
lights on all the time).


Rich replied:

For many situations, ambient light sensing would work really
well for setting deep sleep mode, particularly for a device in an
interior room. It has this nice automatic property.  If someone
shows up at 2am and wants to print, the printer wakes up.
When they leave, the printer resumes its beauty sleep. ;)

If the office lighting is on a central timer, the printer will follow
that timer.  Perhaps "Occupancy Sensor" might be a more
generic term for such triggers, although I can't think of a less
costly way to do it than a simple light sensor.  Seems like a low
cost, potential high payoff thing.  If the sensor could be read by
host software, it could be used for routing/scheduling decisions



- Ira

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