[WIMS] langXPS and langOpenXPS

[WIMS] langXPS and langOpenXPS

[WIMS] langXPS and langOpenXPS

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 18:49:15 UTC 2009


For immediate review (today if possible):


Mike Fenelon, Michael Sweet, and I have had a productive
offline conversation this last week about this.

Mike Fenelon proposed two enums and this justification:

"The OpenXPS spec is already complete and it does have
differences from the MS spec.  Since the 2 specifications/types
have completely different namespaces I think it is pretty
important to have 2 definitions.

There are already a number of devices that support the current
specification: langXPS.  And all Windows 7 clients will generate
this format. And MS and others have committed to supporting
the new OpenXPS spec also. It is very important to know which."

- Ira (joint IETF Designated Expert for IANA Printer MIB)

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In PrtInterpreterLangFamilyTC, after 'langC4(65)' add:

       langXPS(66),         -- Not in RFC 3805
                            -- Microsoft XML Paper Specification
                            -- http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/xps/xpsspec
       langOpenXPS(67)      -- Not in RFC 3805
                            -- ECMA OpenXPS
                            -- http://www.ecmainternational.org/
                            --   publications/standards/Ecma-388.htm
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