[WIMS] MPSA liasion Conference call Mar 29

[WIMS] MPSA liasion Conference call Mar 29

[WIMS] MPSA liasion Conference call Mar 29

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Wed Mar 24 17:51:09 UTC 2010

The next WIM/PMP phone conference will be March 15, at 2 PM ET.  We will
depart from the typical discussion of current documents to consider the
advantages, objectives and methods of establishing an effective liaison with
the user community by developing a relationship with the Managed Print
Services Association. I strongly encourage all WIMS/PMP members and other
interested parties to join. If you need the phone and/or access numbers,
please query on this list and I will respond privately’

In considering device and service management, we have often conjured up use
cases without substantive input from the user community. Other times, some
of us have been disappointed that the standards we have put so much effort
into developing are not understood, not used, or not even known by those for
whom they were intended. Hopefully, better communication between the
standards writers and the standard users will decrease these ‘disconnects’.

Jim Fitzpatrick, Manager, Managed Print Services Operations at Oki Data
Americas, Inc. and President of the MPSA, and Justin West, Systems Engineer
in Office Technology Engineering at Nationwide Insurance and  VP of the MPSA
have agreed to join this call with the intent of working with use to

1.     How can we support the PWG in your efforts?

2.     Formulate a step-by-step game plan in moving forward


If it appears productive, I understand that Jim would also be available to
participate in the next face-to-face WIMS meeting (probably via phone). I
think this is the start of a great opportunity for both organizations to
better communicate, and better address one of their most important


We will consider April face-to-face agenda and slides via the mail list, and
will address 1284 command set IP spec last call comments,
PrtInterpreterLangFamilyTC additions and Power Management Specs  at the


The tentative agenda is:

1. Identify Minute-taker 

2. Statement that meeting is held in accord with PWG IP Policy 

3. Introduction of Messers Fitzpatrick  and West.

4. Consideration of Agenda

5. Accept Minutes of February 9 meeting

6. Check on action items: 

Ø  Bill Wagner: send query relative to additions to
PrtInterpreterLangFamilyTC (done)

Ø  PWG last call for Device ID "COMMAND SET" PWG spec (done)

Ø  Rick Landau: complete CR for Printer Classes and submit to CIM (done)

Ø  Rick Landau and Ira McDonald: review Print Service related MOFs, generate
CRs, and submit to CIM

Ø  Ira McDonald: continue to address open and new  Power Management
documents issues

7. Consider PWG-MPSA relationship

Ø Objectives of each Organization

Ø Membership

Ø Common and Interfacing Area of Interest

Ø Objectives of a Liaison - MPSA

Ø Objectives of a Liaison – PWG/WIMS

Ø Ways to improve communication

o   Mutual Activities Update reports

o   FAQ Mechanism (‘Ask the engineer’, ‘Ask the User’)

o   Feedback Mechanism (What we need is

o   Others

7. Next Steps



Bill Wagner, Chairman - Workgroup for Imaging Management Solutions/PWG



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