[WIMS] LCRC draft of PWG 1284 Command Set (2 April 2010)

[WIMS] LCRC draft of PWG 1284 Command Set (2 April 2010)

[WIMS] LCRC draft of PWG 1284 Command Set (2 April 2010)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 20:16:31 UTC 2010


[For review next Tuesday during WIMS session of PWG Face-to-Face]

The complete last call comment resolutions are posted in the directory:


in the file (also see text below):


The LCRC draft of the spec is posted at:

ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/pmp/wd/lcrc-pmp1284cmdset10-20100402.pdf / doc
- clean but with LCRC comments still embedded

ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/pmp/wd/lcrc-pmp1284cmdset10-20100402-rev.pdf / doc
- redlines and with LCRC comments embedded

- Ira (editor)


Last Call Comment Resolution for 1284 Command Set

(1) Fix broken URI to PWG Process/3.0 on cover page
    (Gail Giansiacura, Kyocera)

    - DONE - copied process to correct URI (already in other CS specs)

(2) Delete out-of-scope IPP/2.x requirements from section 3.2.3 and
    section 4.4
    (Gail Giansiacura, Kyocera)

    - DONE - editor's mistake in previous draft - oops

(3) Distinguish PDL emulation from "true" PDL support in section 5.1
    (e.g., PostScript Emulation vs. Adobe PostScript)
    (Jerry Thrasher, Lexmark)

    - REJECTED - instead use prtInterpreterDescription for copyright/IP

(4) Distinguish PDL versions (e.g., PCL6 versus PCL3 - most low end
    inkjet printers still support only PCL3, the first PCL to support
    color) in section 5.1
    (Jerry Thrasher, Lexmark)

    - ACCEPTED - new PDL version enums to be separately IANA registered
    after review on WIMS/PMP mailing lists

(5) Move "The Printer Working Group" under logo at top of cover page
    (Bill Wagner, TIC)

    - DONE

(6) Change "All network Printers" (absolute) to "Most network Printers"
    in section 3.1
    (Bill Wagner, TIC)

    - DONE

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