[WIMS] RE: Reminder- May 24 Conference Call 2PM EDT

[WIMS] RE: Reminder- May 24 Conference Call 2PM EDT

[WIMS] RE: Reminder- May 24 Conference Call 2PM EDT

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Mon May 24 17:56:42 UTC 2010

Summary of observations in Focus Group and follow-on comments:

Define state in terms of objective % of full operation power consumption

Defined power states in terms of time to come up to full operation

Need to be able to access config even in reduced power state

Providing good power consumption data vs ould units.

Reporting/ gathering statistics on basis on  components/services/subunits

Manage power vs dashboard interface

Automatic policy setup on basis of history


Additional comments after the call.

From Steve Juiris 
My take on this is that we need better more 
standardized tools and information to show end 
users what they are actually using with their 
old devices and the new one.. This should allow 
us to better present new devices in a MPS Solution 
and also potentially allow us to show them power 
use by state..

Example.. Your 30 printers consumed this much 
energy by being in these modes for the last month.   
Based on moving to these devices AND putting them 
in to these various standardized states, you should 
expect to see exactly this much power savings.

In MPS we can do this by printer type and toner 
costs.. To bridge this with power in a seamless 
fashion would be huge.   To the comment about
integrating this into Print Fleet/Fm Audit type 
of dashboard reporting/control dashboard is exactly 
what I was thinking.

From David Burkill 
You may well have got around to discussing these 
topics, but I had a few points that I had hoped 
to contribute to.

1/ Manufacturers should develop better, faster 
"Instant - On" fuser heaters so that erratic workflow 
can be managed more effectively

2/ Further development of programmable Timed Power 
On facilities should be encouraged.

3/ Pull - Printing should be encouraged - and should 
really be a de-facto standard - in all true Managed 
Print Service offerings.
Not only does it have obvious waste control and 
environmental benefits but if all manufacturers produced 
systems that has embedded interfaces on all multi and 
single function devices for the Corporate market, then
control of power usage would be enhanced.

4/ In the Corporate / Large Enterprise market I am finding 
it increasingly essential to deliver some means of power 
consumption management. This, I believe, is a key development 
opportunity for manufacturers.

Controlling power - on scenarios is important, but my end user 
clients are now demanding to understand their current power usage, 
projected refresh power usage and - more importantly - continual 
assessment of power usage even down to a metered level.

While I am aware of several manufacturers engaged in activities 
around my first 3 points - I have no examples of any of them 
providing this detail from any devices currently on the market. 

From Josh Feathers: 
1. It would be nice to have a list of factors that 
impact power on print equipment and devices, and to 
what weight those are impacted. As an example (fake numbers):

Suppressing blank pages: .025% reduction avg.
Turn off banner pages: .05% reduction avg.
Duplex default: .0003% reduction avg.
Sleep Time: 30 minutes: 20% reduction avg.
Sleep Time: 15 minutes: 21% reduction avg.

2. I would also say that anything you can do (even 
use MORE power) to get a device up and running 
(decrease warm-up time) would allow me as an end-user, 
to feel more confident reducing my "Sleep Time" delay.

As an example, a large insurance company may have their 
devices set to 30 minutes Sleep Delay as a default. If 
the devices could change from Standby to ON in a lower 
amount of time, I would change my settings from 30
minutes to 15 minutes. 



From: William Wagner [mailto:wamwagner at comcast.net] 
Sent: Sunday, May 23, 2010 12:48 PM
To: 'wims at pwg.org'; pmp at pwg.org
Subject: Reminder- May 24 Conference Call 2PM EDT


There will be a WIMS/PMP conference call at 2PM EDT on 24 May 2010. Call-in
and password numbers are standards. Email a message to me if you need them.


The tentative agenda is:

1. Identify Minute-taker 

2. Statement that meeting is held in accord with PWG IP Policy 

3. Consideration of Agenda

4. Accept Minutes of 10 May  posted at

5. Check on action items: 

Ø  Follow 1284 ID Command String document voting and encourage member
participation (Bill & Ira) 

Ø  Continue communication with Jim Fitzgerald relative to Imaging Power
Management requirements query (Bill) 

Ø  Follow up with “Additional langPDF/PS/PCL variants” submission to IANA
after 14 May end of comment period and all comments have been resolved – Ira

Ø  Rick Landau and Ira McDonald: review Print Service related MOFs, generate
CRs, and submit to CIM (open) 

6. Consideration of  MPSA Imaging Power Management Focus group meeting – I
will try to have a summary posted

7. Consideration of Face to Face agenda

8. Next Steps – Action Items



Bill Wagner, Chairman - Workgroup for Imaging Management Solutions/PWG






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