[WIMS] July 26 Conference Call

[WIMS] July 26 Conference Call

[WIMS] July 26 Conference Call

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Mon Jul 26 19:26:01 UTC 2010

There will be a WIMS/PMP conference call at 1PM EDT on 26 July, 2010.  Note
that the WIMS conference call time has been changed to alternate Thursdays
at 1PM ET, alternating weekly with IDS. 


Call-in and password numbers are the standards. Email a message to me if you
need them.


The agenda is dedicated to a review of the Copenhagen plenary and
face-to-face WIMS slides. Subjects will be progress on the Imaging Power
Management documents and the MPSA interaction. I will also suggest, as
possible new topics, the logging for accounting and maintenance purposes (as
distinguished from Security purposes.) Please think about anything else from
a maintenance perspective that may product enough interest  to get
participation. I will have proposed slides posted tomorrow (Tuesday) along
with an proposed outline of the MPSA article schedule.



Bill Wagner, Chairman - Workgroup for Imaging Management Solutions/PWG

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