[WIMS] Power Management Last Call

[WIMS] Power Management Last Call

[WIMS] Power Management Last Call

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Mon Nov 8 01:41:13 UTC 2010

By my count, we have seven responses  to the last call, and we need nine. Do
we have two more representatives who are willing to report that they have
reviewed the documents? Since IDS will not have a meeting at the 1PM EST
Thursday time slot this week, let's try to get two more Last Call
acknowledgements so that we can have a concal to handle last call comment


On a related issue, they IETF EMON (energy management) working group does
have a charter https://datatracker.ietf.org/wg/eman/charter/. It is
interesting that the charter  indicates that "The
framework will focus on energy management for IP-based network equipment
(routers, switches, PCs, IP cameras, phones and the like)."  Apparently, the
IETF does not appear to regard printers and MFDs as worthy of
consideration.or perhaps they realize that the usage considerations of these
devices are too complex for them to address?


Also of interest : "The monitoring of power states includes: retrieving
power states, properties of power states, current power state, power state
transitions, and power state statistics. The managed objects will provide
means for reporting detailed properties of the actual energy rate (power)
and of accumulated energy. Further, it will provide information on
electrical power quality."

That is pretty much what the current PWG Power Management model addresses.


The schedule is very  (and unrealistically) aggressive, with a Power and
Energy Monitoring MIB to be submitted for publication as Standard Track RFC
by September 2011. Indeed, there already is an Energy-aware Networks and
Devices MIB Internet Draft
(https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-parello-eman-energy-aware-mib ),
which I fully expect will have major revisions if and when it is approved.
I think we need to acknowledge this in the MPSA writeup, including how an
Imaging Device specific power management structure (including monitoring and
control), not limited to a MIB, has distinct advantages (or not) over a
Cisco Systems type power MIB. 
Bill Wagner - WIMS/PMP Chair

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