[WIMS] Outline of CMMI (Coherent MFD Management Interfaces)

[WIMS] Outline of CMMI (Coherent MFD Management Interfaces)

[WIMS] Outline of CMMI (Coherent MFD Management Interfaces)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 23:18:12 UTC 2011


Here's a high-level outline of proposed CMMI spec for discussion at WIMS WG:

1. Introduction
2. Terminology
3. Requirements
4. SNMP Management Interfaces
4.1. SNMP Overview (versions, transports, security, etc.)
4.2. IETF MIB Requirements
4.3. PWG MIB Requirements
4.4. Vendor MIB Recommendations
5. IPP Management Interfaces
5.1. IPP Overview (versions, transports, security, etc.)
5.2. IETF IPP Requirements
5.3. PWG IPP Requirements
5.4. Vendor IPP Recommendations
6. Web Services Management Interfaces
6.1. Web Services Overview (PWG SM, MFD Services, WS-* specs, etc.)
6.2. WSI Web Services Requirements
6.3. PWG Web Services Requirements
6.4. Vendor Web Services Recommendations
7. DMTF CIM Management Interfaces
7.1. CIM Overview (versions, transports, security, etc.)
7.2. DMTF CIM Requirements
7.3. PWG CIM Requirements (Printer Profile, extensions, etc.)
7.4. Vendor CIM Recommendations
8. NETCONF Management Interfaces
8.1. NETCONF Overview (versions, transports, security, etc.)
8.2. IETF NETCONF Requirements
8.3. PWG NETCONF Requirements
8.8. Vendor NETCONF Recommendations
9. IANA and PWG Considerations
10. Internationalization Considerations
11. Security Considerations
12. References
12.1. Normative References
12.2. Informative References
13. Editors' Addresses
14. Appendix X - Change Log


- Ira

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