[WIMS] REVISED - Editorial comments from votes on Power Model/MIB

[WIMS] REVISED - Editorial comments from votes on Power Model/MIB

[WIMS] REVISED - Editorial comments from votes on Power Model/MIB

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 22:05:43 UTC 2011


[For process review during the PWG Steering Committee tomorrow]

[For editorial review during the WIMS WG teleconference next week]

During the PWG Formal Vote on the Power Model/MIB specs, four
vendors made editorial comments:

Vendor A:
[comments on Power Model spec]

"Line 640 & 641: It seems that the "Suspend power state", on line 640
(being set after 7pm during week days), should be switched with the
"Hibernate power state", on line 641 (being set every Friday after 7pm)?

Suspend power state consume less power than Hibernate power state,
more appropriate for over the weekend right?

This seems an editorial oversight, your Power Policy example on Line
1529 sets power state to "Suspend" every Friday at 7pm."

[Proposed resolution, discussed offline with Vendor A]

Resolved confusion in offline notes with Vendor A about power usage
of Suspend versus Hibernate (i.e., Hibernate uses *less* because OS
is NOT still running in RAM).

On line 640, I should change Suspend to Hibernate (best practice).

On line 641, no change.

On line 1529, I should change Suspend to Hibernate (best practice).

Vendor B:
[comments on Power Model and Power MIB]

[Power Log Group]

All Imaging Systems MUST implement this Power Log group as
persistent across power cycles and hardware reconfigurations.
(section 5.3 in wd-wimspowermib10-20110107.pdf)

-->Do you have any idea about Printer/MFP which doesn’t have a
storage like HDD or enough non-volatile memory?

If you say just as above (MUST implement the persistent across
power cycles), I suppose most of low end printers have no chance
to support the power MIB.  So it would be helpful for implementer
how many logs you need to keep at least (like 10 logs) as a guide line.

[Proposed resolution, discussed offline with Vendor B]

REGRESSION LOSS - when the 'MaxXxxRecords' elements were
deleted from Power General group during PWG Last Call, we lost
the explicit requirement for a minimum of 10 log entries.

Per WIMS WG discussion last week, we *cannot* restore this as a
REQUIRED because it was missing in the Formal Vote version.
Therefore, I will add new text to:

- section 5.3 Power Log Group in Power Model
- section 4.6 Mapping of Power Model in Power MIB
- powLogTable object in the ASN.1 MIB source

to clarify that it is RECOMMENDED to support at least 10 log
entries, for reliable fleet management applications.

I could also note that empty (or canned) PowerStateMessage
strings don't need to be saved in an NVRAM log implementation.

Vendor C:
[comments on Power Model]

"Should the generalGroup MIB objects powGeneralNaturalLanguage
and powGeneralPolicyMaxAccess be covered in the model document?"

[Proposed resolution, discussed offline with Vendor C]

I propose to add text to section 5.1 Power General Group of Power
Model to explain:

(a) why NaturalLanguage is not needed (because it's already in the
parent System or Subunit object in the PWG SM XML Schema);

(b) why PolicyMaxAccess is not needed (because it's for coarse
access-control, specific to the SNMP binding).

Vendor D:
[comments on Power MIB]

"The Power MIB spec lacks the following two sections that are present in
the Imaging System State and Counter MIB:

"4.2 Indexing of Imaging System State and Counter MIB"
- an indexing discussion of sets of groups/tables

"4.3 Diagram of Imaging System State and Counter MIB"
- a pictorial representation of the same indexing info

To improve understanding of the Power MIB by designers, implementers,
and testers, we request that these two missing sections be drafted and
reviewed by the WIMS WG for inclusion before the approved Power MIB
is published."

[Proposed resolution, discussed offline with Vendor D]

Three other vendors independently made a similar comment recently.

See my separate note with text for these two sections sent to the WIMS WG
mailing list on Monday 21 February.



- Ira

Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
Chair - Linux Foundation Open Printing WG
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IETF Designated Expert - IPP & Printer MIB
Blue Roof Music/High North Inc
mailto:blueroofmusic at gmail.com
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