[WIMS] Re: request for new enumerations for RFC 3805 Printer MIB v2...

[WIMS] Re: request for new enumerations for RFC 3805 Printer MIB v2...

[WIMS] Re: request for new enumerations for RFC 3805 Printer MIB v2...

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 16:18:39 UTC 2011


[For review at next week's WIMS WG meeting on 27 October
and on mailing list]

My apologies to Tom Silver for delay in forwarding this request.

Below is a request for new IANA Printer MIB registrations from
Tom Silver (Xerox) and excerpts of our discussion.

I saved Tom's original attachment at:



- Ira

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On Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 5:43 PM, Silver, Thomas <Thomas.Silver at xerox.com>wrote:

> Hi Ira,****
> ** **
> Because you are one of the Authors of the RFC 3805 Printer MIB v2, I have
> enclosed two new type 2 enumeration proposals which we would like to submit
> for your review:****
> ** **
> **1.       **Need to add ‘hundredthsOfInkSticks(20)’ to the
> ‘PrtMarkerSuppliesSupplyUnitTC’****
> **·         ***Current State: *some Xerox products are beginning to expose
> ink stick level information in terms of ink sticks used. (see attached
> screen shot).****
> **·         ***Requirement:* The desire is to expose level information for
> ink stick-based products based upon the way ink sticks can be ordered; by
> the stick. We also want ink stick levels to be exposed in terms of quarters
> of ink sticks.****
> **·         ***Problem:* There is no easy way to expose current level
> information within the ‘prtMarkerSuppliesLevel’ object for print devices
> which utilize ink stick-based marking technology. Although the ‘items(18)’
> enumeration from ‘PrtMarkerSuppliesSupplyUnitTC’ could be used, it does NOT
> give us the granularity that is desired (i.e. we want ink stick levels to be
> exposed in terms of quarters of ink sticks). The ‘percent(19)’ enumeration
> also cannot be utilized either because it would force the customer to have
> to manually compute how many ink sticks are remaining. Unfortunately, our
> SNMP-based remote apps cannot expose the same ink stick level information
> that is exposed at the device because the required enumerations are NOT
> defined within RFC 3805 Printer MIB v2.****
> ** **
> **2.       **Need to add ‘standardToner(35)’ and ‘matteToner(36)’ to the
> ‘PrtMarkerSuppliesTypeTC’****
> **·         ***Current State:* Xerox production devices utilize different
> types of toners to achieve specific image quality targets.****
> **·         ***Requirement: *The desire is to expose specific enumerations
> for the different types of Xerox toner within the ‘prtMarkerSuppliesType’
> object so that our remote applications can easily identify which toner is
> installed within the machine.**
> **·         ***Problem:* Our SNMP-based remote applications cannot easily
> identify which toner is installed within a Xerox production machine.
> Although the ‘prtMarkerSuppliesDescription’ object could be utilized to
> identify the different toner types, this object is defined as a localized
> string. Therefore, we do not want to write code to parse for the words
> “standard” or “matte” because these string values change depending upon the
> language of the string exposed. ****
> ** **
> According to RFC 3805 Printer MIB v2, section 2.4.1. Registering Additional
> Enumerated Values:****
> “…*Additional enumerated values require a Designated Expert Review defined
> in "Guidelines for Writing an IANA Considerations Section in RFCs"
> [RFC2434].  The Designated Expert will be selected by the IETF Area
> Director(s) of the Applications Area*….”****
> Who do I need to contact in order to have these new enumeration proposals
> considered for RFC 3805 Printer MIB v2?****
> ** **
> Thanks in advance for your consideration,****
> Tom****
> ** **
> BTW, hope all is well. I see you are keeping busy…****
> ** **
> *                                   ** ***
> *Thomas Silver*
> *Mgr, Device Compliance*
> *Global Remote Services*
> *Xerox Information Management*
> *Xerox Corporation*
> 800 Phillips Road, MS 111-04A, Webster, NY 14580****
> Office 4420****
> thomas.silver at xerox.com
> 585-422-7219 / 8*702-7219****
> ** **

[Tom's reply on 27 September]

Hi Ira,

Thank you very much for the quick response!

FYI, the maximum capacity for ink stick depends upon the channel hardware
capacity of the machine. Some Xerox machines support a maximum of 4 ink
sticks per color channel and some machines support a maximum of 6 ink stick
per color channel as shown within the previously enclosed screen shot. I
supposed the ‘hundredthsOfInkSticks(20)’ could be made more generic to
something like ‘hundredthsOfItems(20)’ instead. Just a thought…

BTW, I had a feeling that the toner type request may be met w/ some
skepticism. No worries though, just something that needs to be considered…

Hi Michael,

I am interested in your thoughts on these two enum proposals when you get a

Thank you for taking the time to consider these proposals…



*From:* Ira McDonald [mailto:blueroofmusic at gmail.com]
*Sent:* Monday, September 26, 2011 6:08 PM
*To:* Silver, Thomas; Michael R Sweet; Ira McDonald
*Subject:* Fwd: request for new enumerations for RFC 3805 Printer MIB v2...

Hi Tom,

Mike Sweet (Apple, IPP WG Secretary) and I are the current IETF
Designated Experts for IPP Registry and Printer/Finisher MIBs.

Mike - would you please read and think about these enum requests.

Tom - the process is that we put new IANA Printer MIB enum requests
on the WIMS WG list for review for at least two weeks - then we consider
(as a WG) the comments, if any.  Then we (as a WG) decide to accept
the requests (hopefully) and Mike or I send them to Amanda at IANA.


My immediate thoughts are:

(1) What is the MaxCapacity for ink sticks (a bunch of ink sticks)?

(2) I see your point about standard versus matte toner, but I'm very
nervous about these synonyms for 'toner' as a marker supplies
type - e.g., nobody will use 'standardToner' for quite awhile and,
when they do, Apple and Microsoft and tools like HP WJA will have
to fold them back together - hmm...

- Ira

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