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Since MFD finished early, the WIMS meeting will start today at 1:15 PST
(4:15 EST).



Bill Wagner


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For the Face to Face meeting at 2PM PST (5PM EST) today:


Minutes from last meeting (from Danny B.):


We will also be discussing the latest MFD Alerts document
(ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/pmp/wd/wd-pmpmfdalerts10-20120203-rev.pdf )

And, in relation to Randy's request for correlation to EMAN activities,
consideration of Ira's recent eman communication. (copied below)


Bill W.


Hi Daniel,

Relevant to your questions, you might want to look at our IEEE-ISTO 
Printer Working Group candidate standards for Printers and MFDs:

"Power Management Model for Imaging Systems v1.0"

"PWG Imaging System Power MIB v1.0"


The PowerLog group defines a FIFO list of state transitions
with time stamps.

The PowerTrap group defines a notification to report state

The PowerSupport group defines objects about the capabilities
of the device (or component/subunit) in a given state.

The PowerTransition group defines objects for nominal state
transition times between any two supported power states.

The Power[Calendar/Timeout/Event] groups define objects for
configured power transitions for device or component based
on calendar (like IETF Schedule MIB), timeout, or event

BTW - This MIB uses the standard DMTF CIM power states,
but allows vendor extension substates (e.g., fine-grained
Suspend substates).

And this MIB defines explicit light sleep (Standby) and deep
sleep (Suspend) states and their standard behaviors - note that
Bruce Nordman does not like the use of these terms, but all
Printers/MFDs that support power management have always
made this distinction in the their private MIBs and embedded
web servers.

- Ira (editor of the PWG power standards)

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