P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> 1394 Printer Working Group - Albuquerque Meeting Summary

P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> 1394 Printer Working Group - Albuquerque Meeting Summary

P1394> 1394 Printer Working Group - Albuquerque Meeting Summary

gregory leclair (gregory_leclair@erc.epson.com)
Tue, 14 Jan 97 03:40:22 PDT

Minutes of the 1394 PWG meeting: 1-8-'97

I'd like to summarize the events of the PWG meeting last week in
Albuquerque to all those on the p1394 and 1394-prt-img mailing lists.

For those who attended the Oct. 1394 TA meeting and the subsequent
Printer Group Meeting at Adobe on Dec. 6th, there was an open issue of
how to support a printing standards effort. The TA wanted to establish
a standard as did the Printer Working Group (PWG). The docs from the
12/6 meeting are available via anonymous ftp at:


The Dec. 6th meeting was a way for both groups to get together and
figure out how to proceed. As an action item, I agreed to draft a
charter that would be reviewed. That draft charter was posted to the
pwg@pwg.org, p1394@pwg.org and 1394-prt-img@fireflyinc.com mailing

Subsequent to that posting, the PWG met last week in Albuquerque. The
draft charter was reviewed and found to be quite broad in scope. The
PWG asked if the charter could be refined. Since the printing issue is
still quite open, I revised the draft with the assistance of others
present who where also interested in developing a standard
(representatives of HP, EPSON, Warp Nine, Canon and Printronix were

Brian Batchelder Hewlett Packard
Osamu Hirata Canon, Inc.
Gregory LeClair EPSON Research Center
Fumio Nagasaka Seiko EPSON
Ron Norton Printronix
Larry Stein Warp Nine Engineering
Satoshi Yamamuro Canon, Inc.

Note: PWG meeting attendee list is larger. Please refer to
the minutes of the PWG meeting. This list is composed
of the individuals participating in the 1394 PWG meeting.

I planned on reviewing this charter this week in Houston at the 1394
TA meetings. Unfortunately, I was stranded in Dallas by the weather
and have since returned to San Jose. Please comment on the proposed
charter at the appropriate address.

Keep warm.

Greg LeClair
1394 Printer Working Group


Revised Draft (approved by PWG):

============================Draft Text Appears Below=============

1394 Printer Working Group
Draft Charter - January 8, 1997

Current status: Proposal of charter for 1394 Printer Working Group

Mailing lists:
General Discussion: p1394@pwg.org
To Subscribe: majordomo@pwg.org
Archive: ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/p1394

Description of Working Group and Goals

IEEE-1394 High Speed Serial Bus enables new and enhanced printing
applications. Standardization of the 1394 printing model(s) grows and
extends the printing market and accelerates the adoption of the
IEEE-1394 standard interface.

1394 printing applications want to take advantage of the new
capabilities of 1394, including:
- Multiple Asynchronous and Isochronous streams
- Peer to Peer Communication
- High Bandwidth

Standards for use of these capabilities need to be developed and
endorsed for use by 1394 printing devices and other 1394 devices that
wish to communicate with them. These standards will enable
interoperability between 1394 devices.

The 1394 Printer Working Group will be the focal point for the
development and coordination of a comprehensive printing solution for
the 1394 I/F.

This project will produce the necessary set of specifications to enable the
printing solution. These specifications may include endorsements of
existing specifications and new specifications developed under charter from
the 1394 Printer Working Group.

Areas of review will include:
Job Submission
Printing Models
Transport protocols
Link Layers
Data formats
Device Management
Service Discovery

The 1394 Printer Working Group is jointly chartered by the PWG and the
1394 TA and is open to anyone interested in contributing to the
project. The 1394 PWG will seek the participation of key
representatives of the computer and consumer electronics industry.

Goals and Milestones:

Oct 96
First meeting of a proposed Printer Working Group for 1394 Serial bus
at Oct. 1394 TA meeting (Redmond, WA)

Dec 96
First meeting of P1394 Printer Working Group at Adobe Systems in San
Jose, CA.

Jan 97
Review proposed charter for P1394 Group at Albuquerque PWG Meeting
(Jan. 8, 1997) (DONE)

Jan 97
If agreement can be reached on Working Group Charter, propose an
agreed upon charter to 1394 TA Steering Committee in Houston at the
1394 TA Meeting (Jan. 13, 1997).

Feb 97
First working meeting in conjunction with IEEE 1284.4 working group on
Feb. 27th or Feb. 28th to define major tasks.