P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> Agenda for Japan Meeting

P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> Agenda for Japan Meeting

P1394> Agenda for Japan Meeting

gregory leclair (gregory_leclair@erc.epson.com)
Thu, 05 Jun 97 18:19:37 PDT

Hi folks,

I was asked to forward the following info to the 1394 PWG list.

If you're attending the meeting next week in Japan, please refer to the agenda
and instructions regarding documents you may want to present.


Greg LeClair

-------------Notice from PWG-C------------------------

Dear PWG-C members and Guests:

Followings are the Meeting Agenda of PWG-C General Meeting held on June
11th. and 12th.

PWG-C board requests all presentator to send PDF file of proposal
documents to Naohisa Suzuki of Canon by June 6th. (nao@cbs.canon.co.jp) He
will notice all the member how to access the materials.

And if the presentator needs to deliver some packets to Microsoft Japan
Sasazuka Office prior to the meeting, please ask
Mr.Nagao(yasushin@microsoft.com) of Microsoft Japan Chofu Office how and
where you ship those items.

-------------Meeting Agenda------------------------

Date: June 11th.
Place: Microsoft Japan Sasazuka Office
Time: 10:00am to 17:50 ( Reception starts from 9:30)

1.General Session:
1-1 Self Introduction
1-2 PWG-C Past Activities Summary PWG-C SC
1-3 PWG Past Activities Summary Larry Stein
1-4 DSI-WG Foundation Announcement SONY

2.Learning Session:
2-2 SBP2 T.B.D.

3-1 Fuji Photo Film
3-3 Canon
3-4 Sharp
3-5 Hewlet Packard
3-6 SONY
3-7 other companies

4 Misc.

4-1 1394 Analyzer YEW
4-2 Additional presentation if any member has topics without technical
proposal drafts, demonstration etc.
4-3 Next day scheduling

Date: June 12th.
Place: Microsoft Japan Sasazuka Office
Time: 10:00am to 12:00 ( Reception starts from 9:30)

Further Technical Discussions

Place: Microsoft Japan Sasazuka Office/ Apple Japan Hatsudai Office
Time: 13:00 to 17:50

If further Technical Discussions are remained, we might divide to
Sub-Working groups for more concentrated discussion by topics.

Nobuhiko Shinoda
Chairman of PWG-C

Atsushi Nakamura
BJ Printing Technology
Develpoment 22,
Canon Inc.