P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> Re: Direct Printing Protocol

P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> Re: Direct Printing Protocol

P1394> Re: Direct Printing Protocol

Wed, 25 Jun 1997 08:18:13 -0400


I think there is a small misunderstanding about what was decided at
yesterday's meeting. First, after considerable discussion the group
completed an IEEE Project Authorization Request for the service/
functional discovery work that we have talked about at length at
the last several meeting. Second, it was not obvious to all of us
that where we were going with both the direct printing protocol
(or thin) and the PC printer protocol (or thick) were going to need
to be stand-alone standards. We felt there was a significant probability
that we might simply need to define a command set and data format
for printing over FCP to meet the needs of the direct printing
environment and that we would only need to define command
descriptor blocks for SBP2. Therefore we decided not to submit an
IEEE PAR until we had concluded that a stand-alone standard was
needed. If only command sets and command descriptor blocks are
needed then perhaps a 1394TA document will be sufficient.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO intent to abandon our efforts to define
how to do direct print or PC printing over 1394. The only question
is when we are done, what name (IEEE, 1394TA, IEC/ISO, ANSI,
etc.) is on the cover of the document.


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Subject: Direct Printing Protocol

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Dear PWG-C SC members and PWG board members:
I was informed PWG meeting in Boston decided ( or not decided ? ) not t=
continue discussions and standardization activities of direct printing
protocol. I think we have agreed to involve this issue jointly PWG and
PWG-C. So we made a unified charter in Austin and held joint meeting i=
Tokyo this month.

I would like to discuss this item with PWG-C members after I receive
report from Canon's attendants what kind discussions and conclusions
happened in Boston and PWG meeting minutes.
Nob Shinoda
Chairman of PWG-C

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