P1394 Mail Archive: RE: P1394> RE:Results of IEEE MSC Meeting on 7/14

P1394 Mail Archive: RE: P1394> RE:Results of IEEE MSC Meeting on 7/14

RE: P1394> RE:Results of IEEE MSC Meeting on 7/14

Thu, 17 Jul 1997 20:13:16 -0400

At the Nashua meeting, I said that because of where we want function
discovery to operate, i.e. at the ROM level using the directories, etc. as
defined by IEEE Standard 1212, there was a real chance that this would be
perceived as really a part of 1212. Because 1212 is currently open for
revision (it is 5 years old and there are a handful of things that need to
be updated and fixed) the MSC believed that creating a 1212.x standard
which is effectively a supplement to 1212, would be rejected by the IEEE
New Standards Committee. For this same reason, it was the opinion of the
MSC that this is not a 1394 specific standard but should be applied to all
the projects (e.g. FutureBus) which also uses 1212.

The structure of this work was specifically divided to prevent our group
from being loaded down with the base 1212 changes. The PWG/PWG-C are
considered a task group that are only charged with working on the function
discovery issues. Our changes and additions will be applied into the
standard by the 1212 editor. By the way, the 1212 work is on an
accelerated schedule and because we won't have to create an entire standard
from scratch we will probably be able to pull this off faster.
Additionally, because the 1212 chair, David James, is working on this as
well (along with Peter Johansson, and others) we have some built in
advisors to keep us on the right track.

I hope this helps to explain what went on.


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