P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> redmond minutes

P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> redmond minutes

P1394> redmond minutes

Kazuhiro HiRATA (hirata@vip.iwa.fujixerox.co.jp)
Tue, 2 Sep 97 13:26:29 +0900

Hi, PWG1394 folks.

I've searched a minutes of PWG at Redmond, but it seems no document comes
on anywhere. Please upload the authorized minutes to determine our status.

I want to confirm what,who and how to discuss the function discovery and
the printer unit architecture (this is also new word from Redmond).
Since I'm volunteer of FDS group but I will not attend next PWG meeting,
I need talk with Nakamura@Canon further FDS scheme before he will
departure from Narita.

The authorized minutes will help us to start the discussion. I don't
want to make the redmond meeting be "past dream".

I hope to upload the minutes in a cople of days. Thanks for any helps.