P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> RE: [PP1394:00137]

P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> RE: [PP1394:00137]

P1394> RE: [PP1394:00137]

Nagasaka Fumio (Nagasaka.Fumio@exc.epson.co.jp)
Fri, 9 Jan 1998 16:59:11 +0900

Thank you Alan, for your great effort updating PWG profile document.

Larry wrote: (in "P1394> December Meeting Minutes")
> H- Section 14, Multiple Logical Channels
> Routing information needs to be provided here, not .4 Channel
リ => PSID and SSID should be removed from the command_block

At LA meeting, we agreed to remove PSID and SSID from CDB of normal
command block ORB. However, now I would like to suggest to enclose
1284.4 supportive flag and 6 bytes 1284.4 packet header in CDB.

The reason is outlined below.
1) IEEE 1284.4 is providing "out-of-band packet control flag" in the
for 1284.4 packets.
2) However if we does not enclose any 1284.4 information in normal
block ORB. Fetch Agent needs to examine buffered data that wad
after the fetch agent processed the ORB.
3) Basically, out-of-band packet shall be extracted as soon as
4) Thus we would like to make short cut to detect out-of-band requests
reading buffer space associated with each ORB.

Fumio Nagasaka
Epson Software Development Laboratory Inc.
Tel +81 268 25 4111, Fax +81 268 25 4627
E-mail to nagasaka.fumio@exc.epson.co.jp

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