P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> Meeting Charges

P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> Meeting Charges

P1394> Meeting Charges

Larry Stein (lstein@fapo.com)
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 14:58:10 -0800

Aloha All,

The meeting charge for the January PWG meetings will be $36.00 per person
per meeting day. This includes the room rental, AV equipment, power
strips, food and beverage.

Hopefully, to make things easier, Warp Nine will process all the meeting
charges through our card service. This way we don't have to have the hotel
involved at all. Yes Don, we will provide receipts if requested.

Please print out this email, fill in the questions and bring it to the
meeting. Checks made out to Warp Nine or cash made out to Larry is fine also.



January PWG Meeting Charges

# of Meetings Charge
1 day $36
2 days $72
3 days $108
4 days $144
5 days $180



Phone Number:

Card Type: Visa MasterCard American Express

Card number:

Expiration date:

Total Meeting Days:

Total Meeting Charge:

Name on Card (if different):

Street address or PO box no. credit card is billed to:

Zip code credit card is billed to:

Receipt requested? Yes No

Fax number for receipt:

Larry A. Stein Phone: (619)292-2742
Warp Nine Engineering Fax: (619)292-8020
Web: http://www.fapo.com