P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> PWG meeting in Austin on 3/2-6

P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> PWG meeting in Austin on 3/2-6

P1394> PWG meeting in Austin on 3/2-6

Keith Carter (carterk@us.ibm.com)
Mon, 2 Feb 1998 12:37:18 -0500

Print gurus,

I'll be the host for the PWG meeting in Austin, Texas on 3/2-6. Here's the
scoop and a request for your "ping" to me by 3:00PM CST on Tuesday, 2/10.


Hyatt Regency Austin (located on Town Lake in downtown Austin).
Phone: 512-477-1234
$101 per night (single occupancy).
Meeting room charge will be based on meeting attendance per day (see PING
Cab fare from airport is $12-14.
Cab fare to the Sixth Street entertainment area is $4-5 (or a hike of 9-10
blocks for the athletically inclined).
Restaurants within 1 block of the hotel include: Threadgills (famous for their
home style cookin'), Jalisco's (Tex Mex), Hooters (burgers and more...), Al
Capone's (Italian), Bennigan's (bar and grill) and Aussie's (bar and grill).
The Hyatt also has a very good restaurant. Chuy's (Tex Mex and cool t-shirts)
and other restaurants are within a short drive of the hotel.
For you olympians, there is a public jogging trail that goes by the hotel and
around the lake.


Here is the agenda proposed by Don Wright:

Monday (3/2), Tuesday (3/3):
-- 1394 Printing
Wednesday (3/4) AM:
-- PWG overview session
-- Discussion on NC Printing
Wednesday (3/4) PM:
-- IPP
Thursday (3/5):
-- IPP
Friday (3/6):
-- Finisher
-- Job MIB Traps

Please address any questions on the PWG agenda to Don Wright. Please address
any questions on a working group agenda to the working group chair.


Please send pings to me by 3:00PM CST on Tuesday, 2/10 with the following

1) What meeting dates will you attend?
2) Will you stay at the Hyatt hotel?
3) If you are staying at the Hyatt, what are your arrival and departure dates?

On 2/11, I'll provide the information to the hotel, distribute a list of
attendees to the PWG distribution lists, and provide you with the meeting room
costs per day. On 2/12 you may start making your reservations at the Hyatt
hotel under the name "Printer Working Group".

Have a super day,

Keith Carter
Senior Software Engineer
IBM Network Computing Software Division in Austin, Texas
internet email: carterk@us.ibm.com
Notes email: Keith Carter/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
phone: 512-838-2155
tie-line: 678-2155
fax: 512-838-0169