P1394 Mail Archive: Re: P1394> EMAIL Poll

P1394 Mail Archive: Re: P1394> EMAIL Poll

Re: P1394> EMAIL Poll

Akihiro Shimura (shimura@pure.cpdc.canon.co.jp)
Sat, 28 Feb 1998 00:24:46 +0900 (JST)

On Mon, 23 Feb 1998 18:35:51 -0800
"Gregory A. LeClair" <gleclair@agentz.com> wrote:

1. Please rank the following proposals according to your interest
level using the following scale ( 10 = High level of interest vs. 0 =
No interest).

( 0 ) 1284.4 Over Data FIFO Architecture (DFA)
( 0 ) 1284.4 Over SBP-2
( 5 ) Direct Printing Protocol - (current PWG-C proposal 0.71)
( 7 ) SBP-2 Native - (current PWG proposal 0.1c)
( 9 ) Other --- SBP-2 NON-mirroring
( 5 ) Other --- SBP-2 mirroring

2. Please provide background comments on your ranking.

Why do you prefer to use the given solution?
SBP-2 is well defined for "PC initiator" and "device target"
combination by the message passing/shared memory architecture.
"SBP-2 NON-mirroring" means that the initiator makes two logins
for each data transfer direction to the target.
Because single SBP-2 initiator/target pair has only initiator's
request queue and target's response queue and in-order execution
model does not allow to multiplex target's request and initiator's
response in them, it seems essential to prepare another queue pair
to achieve bi-directional message passing.

Why should others consider the given solution?
See above.

What issues are you aware of (if any) with the given solution?
How to bundle two logins in one connection.

>From: Atsushi_Nakamura <atsnaka@bsd.canon.co.jp>
To: "gleclair@agentz.com" <gleclair@agentz.com>, "'1394 PWG'" <p1394@pwg.org>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 12:53:04 +0900
Subject: P1394> Scope of EMAIL Poll

3) Opinions on multiple printing protocols;
( ) There should be ONLY 1 printing protocol in any case
and any application.
( ) 2 protocols are ACCEPTABLE if necessary for different
( ) I PREFER more than 2 protocols
( O ) Other --- Even more than 2 protocols are ACCEPTABLE
if necessary for different situations

 Akihiro Shimura (shimura@pure.cpdc.canon.co.jp)
 Office Imaging Products Development Center 3