P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> OUI Acquisition Program

P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> OUI Acquisition Program

P1394> OUI Acquisition Program

Wed, 19 Aug 1998 15:04 -0700

Today at the PWG plenary session, the 1394 PWG chair presented a request for the PWG to purchase, maintain and administer a 24 bit organizationally unique identifier from the IEEE for use by the PWG and within the 1394 PWG Imaging Profile document.

There seemed to be general agreement that this was doable and I volunteered to produce a proposal.
Following is the proposal in ASCII format. I'd like to get the following feedback:

1. Interest level in participation (YES/NO)
2. Company Name:
3. Contact Name:
4. Email address:
5. If interested, whether you plan to pay before or at the Sept. meeting

Please reply directly to the 1394 PWG chair by the dates specified in the proposal by sending email to greg@erc.epson.com

NOTE: Companies must still acquire a company specific OUI in order to ship a 1394 PWG Profile compliant node.

Thank you in advance for your earliest response.

Greg LeClair
1394 PWG Chair

PWG OUI Acquisition Program
August 19, 1998

The 1394 PWG has identified a requirement to acquire a 24 bit Organizational Unique Identifier (OUI) from the IEEE Registration Authority Committee (RAC). This value is required to enable publication and maintain control of the 1394 PWG Imaging Profile Document.

Specifically, the transport command set being defined for use with the SBP-2 layer must be identified by an entry in the Unit Directory of a nodes Configuration ROM using the Command_Set_Spec_ID field.

(For information on how PWG related documents will be managed, the reader is instructed to refer to the PWG process document.)

This proposal explains the need for a 24 bit OUI value by the 1394 PWG and contains a plan for the acquisition, maintenance and administration of this value by the participating companies of the Printer Working Group (PWG).

A 24 bit OUI is required in order to publish the 1394 PWG Imaging Profile. The 1394 PWG is concerned that submitting the document to an outside group just to acquire the required OUI is likely to extend the schedule for implementations and create a loss of control over the profile document itself. The purchase of the OUI by the PWG will enable the 1394 PWG to publish the profile document and perform interoperability testing. Further, this value will be available for use by future efforts sponsored by the PWG.

1394 nodes contain a structured configuration ROM with entries organized as an 8 bit key and 24 bit value. The 1394 PWG Imaging Profile defines a communication model comprised of a transport command set which is used with an SBP-2 layer.

The command set must be identified by an entry in the Unit Directory of the Configuration ROM on the target device using the Command_Set_Spec_ID field.

Once the OUI is acquired, the 1394 PWG will define at least one additional Seconday ID, a 24 bit value, the Command_Set identifier, which in conjunction with the Command_Set_Spec_ID indicates a unique specification that describes the unit architecture of the target node.

Acquisition of the OUI
Attendees who are interested in participating must indicate interest to the chair of the 1394 PWG by Sept. 1, 1998. Based on the number of replies, the cost ($1000.00 US projected) will be divided equally among the interested participants. The participants must be prepared to forward the necessary funds (in US currency - cash or checks only ) to the chair of the 1394 PWG by the next meeting which will be held in Savannah, GA on Sept. 29, 1998. Failure to reply to the initial request or to contribute funding by the specified dates will disqualify a participant from the benefits described below.

Participant Guidelines
By participation in the PWG OUI acquisition program, participant agrees that:
1. The 1394 PWG will use the acquired OUI in order to define additional 24 bit Secondary ID values as needed for use within the 1394 PWG Imaging Profile.
2. The PWG will reserve a major portion of the Secondary ID space for use by future PWG efforts.
3. Secondary ID number ranges assigned to the individual participants will be used in conjunction with well documented publicly available specifications. The URL of the document and any associated Secondary ID will be registered with PWG.

Participation in the OUI acquisition will provide the following benefits:
1. Knowledge that participant has furthered the efforts of the 1394 PWG effort specifically and the PWG in general.
2. A Secondary ID number range (approx. 1K - encoding TBD) to be used in accordance with the above guidelines.