P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> CSR space!

P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> CSR space!

P1394> CSR space!

Venkatesh V (vvenkat@teil.soft.net)
Sat, 02 Jan 1999 14:16:54 +0530

Hi all ,
I have a doubt regarding CSR core registers implementation.

The virtual addresses of all these regsiters are given in the 1394 standard.The base
address(virtual) of initial register space is
FFFF F000 0000. Also it says that the CSR registers are to be implemented in the initial
register space as a 512 byte block. Now since we dont know the physical base address of the
start of the CSR registers, it makes things difficult for me.

Also if i implement these 512 bytes myself, how do i inform the host controller of the
physical address so that it performs the 1394 compare and swap transactions on 1394 bus
management resource registers(BANDWIDTH AVAILABLE and CHANNELS_AVAILABLE)??
The host controller has to be informed of the phys address since these are the only CSR
registers which to be accessed thru CSR data, CSR compare and CSR control registers(OHCI

If i dont implement these CSR registers myself, then i dont understand how i perform
read/write requests to the registers in CSR space.????since i dont know the CSR base

Could u please throw some light on this situation and help me come out of this entangle...

Eagerly awaiting ur reply,