P1394 Mail Archive: RE: P1394>Current Name

P1394 Mail Archive: RE: P1394>Current Name

RE: P1394>Current Name

Gregory LeClair (gleclair@agentz.com)
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 11:06:24 -0800

My $0.02
TCS - Transport Command Set=20
We're defining TCS implementations for use with SBP-2.

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From: Brian Batchelder [SMTP:brianb@vcd.hp.com]
Sent: Saturday, January 30, 1999 7:54 PM
To: 1394 PWG
Subject: P1394> We need a name

1394 PWGers,

I've recently become frustrated with my ability to describe the layer =
and command-set we are created for SBP-2. I'd like to see a name for =
it, rather than the "1394 PWG Protocol" or "PWG Transport". I don't =
have any ideas at the moment. We need our own "DPP". How about:

PPP: PWG Printing Profile
1PT: 1394 PWG Transport
PTP: PWG Transport Protocol
SPC: SBP-2 Printing Command set

Come on, Don, you are Mr. TLA. Got anything better?

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