P1394 Mail Archive: RE: P1394> IDT_r02

P1394 Mail Archive: RE: P1394> IDT_r02

RE: P1394> IDT_r02

Gregory LeClair (gleclair@agentz.com)
Thu, 20 May 1999 14:46:02 -0700

For those of you who may not have received the attachment - it has also been posted to the PWG web site.

Greg LeClair

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Subject: P1394> IDT_r02

I don't know if the attachment is small enough to slip under the nose of the
reflector's filters for oversize files----but I hope it is, since I am later
than I wish in releasing this for the Philadelphia meeting.

Time presses, though----so here it is for your reviewing pleasure before next


Peter Johansson

Congruent Software, Inc.
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Berkeley, CA 94707

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