P1394 Mail Archive: Re: P1394> SCSI printing over 1394

P1394 Mail Archive: Re: P1394> SCSI printing over 1394

Re: P1394> SCSI printing over 1394

Ken Chan (Ken.Chan@sv.sc.philips.com)
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 11:31:06 -0700

I am not aware of a specification to address this issue except that Microsoft
has already taken this approach in Win2K.

With the information provide by Microsoft, we have done a demo printer talking
SBP-2 to Win2K systems with our SBP-2 link chip (SAA7356).

I don't know why you need three separate Unit Directories. We basically follow
the Unit Directory described in SBP-2 spec section D.2. The device type is 0x02
for printer. Immediately after the device type and LUN quadlet, you have to put
a text leaf offset (0x81???????) to point a 1284 PnP string. The PnP string
should include at least MFG, CMD and MDL. For details, go to Microsoft site to
look for "Plug and Play Parallel Port Devices", version 1.0b.

If your printer is not already listed in default printer INF files, you need to
create your own to match its unique ID generated by the MFG and MDL fields.

After all these are done, Win2K should recognize your printer and put it in the
printer folder.

According to Microsoft, there are only two SCSI commands are used to talk to
1394 printer: Inquiry and Print. Our demo printer implements exactly these two.
And it communicates with Win2K quite happily.


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Subject: P1394> SCSI printing over 1394
Author: venkatesh v <venkat_gl@yahoo.com> at !SMTP/INTERNET
Date: 6/29/99 10:23 PM

Hello !!

Does this group address SCSI printing over IEEE 1394 ??
We were not able to find any related things and so
the question.

We are trying to find if there are any proposals/suggestions on Config
ROM entries for
SCSI printers that support IEEE1394 interface.

We are trying to connect our printer (that implements
SCSI target) to a Windows 2000 machine (which has
annouced support for the same). The win2k m/c
identifies the SBP-2 target but doesnot identify
us as a SCSI target and hence doesnot load the SCSI
driver in win2k.

We have a config rom whose layout is described below.

Root directory
Unit Directory 1 (for 1394 adapter)
Text Leaf
Unit Directory 2 (for SBP-2)
Text Leaf
Unit Directory 3 (for SCSI, obtained from SBP-2 draft)
Text Leaf

Any help/pointers shall be greatly appreciated.

Thanx in Advance !!

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