P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> Copenhagen Agenda

P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> Copenhagen Agenda

P1394> Copenhagen Agenda

Gregory LeClair (gleclair@agentz.com)
Fri, 2 Jul 1999 18:05:55 -0700

FYI - Here is the proposed agenda.

I've also included the open action items=20
noted in the Philadelphia minutes below.

Greg LeClair


Agenda For Copenhagen Meeting
July 5, 1997

Old Business
- Previous meeting minutes
- Review / Update Action Items

New Business
- Disconnect Proposal (Shimura)
- IEEE PAR Proposal (LeClair)
- Walk-in Proposals (????)
- Discussion on open issues
Schedule Review
Meeting Close


FYI - List of Open Action Items from Philadelphia Meeting

Brian Batchelder
- will propose a mapping from the API entries to transport operation.
- will write up details on "Please Login to me" (Target initiated =
- will publish a spec-ready version of his Service Discovery proposal.
- will send title of 1284 specification to Peter for inclusion in IDT =
- will revise and publish the Requirements document.
- will review the 1284.4 end of message bit definition and example to =
if they are applicable to the IDT document.
- will write up mechanism for emulated connectionless services over =
- will investigate service name registration. Do we need to be able to
differentiate different registration authorities for service ID =

Alan Berkema=20
- will add details to the schedule and publish it.

Mike Fenelon=20
- will send Peter an example illustrating the use of the EOM bit.
- will work with Microsoft's Plug 'n Play team to understand what =
needs to exist in config ROM to plug 'n play the device.
- will set up a plug 'n play meeting between the 1394PWG plug 'n play =
and the appropriate plug 'n play developers at Microsoft.

Peter Johansson=20
- will incorporate Shimura-san's history concept with the signature =
proposal into
the spec.
- and Shimura-san will define the Reset Connection control operation.
- will write up more explicit detail on Target behavior for handling =
Connection needs.

Greg LeClair=20
- will post=A0 on the reflector a proposed PAR based on our original =
- will announce on the reflector that July meeting is "last call" for =

- shall review config ROM examples cfgrom04 and idt_r03 to help group to =
which model to follow in the specification.