P1394 Mail Archive: RE: P1394> Login Request Proposal

P1394 Mail Archive: RE: P1394> Login Request Proposal

RE: P1394> Login Request Proposal

Gregory LeClair (gleclair@agentz.com)
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 09:41:48 -0700


A couple of comments:
1. The version field in the message will require a unique 'Sub-ID' from the PWG pool.
In discussion with some folks, I understand we're to use a sub-ID for one purpose only.

2. Should we include some more detailed information about which function in a device
sent the request for a login?

- For device with more than one Unit Directory, the message
should include Unit_Unique_ID.

- We need to require a Unit_Unique_ID to Config ROM for devices with more
than one unit directory that wants to use this mechanism (Msg Rq/Rsp).

3. What are the return codes for a login request?
Timeout for response is a question of whether the other node supports Msg Rq/Rsp
Valid responses are one of OK | REJECTED | WAITING

4. Would seem to be a good thing to indicate which devices support this feature?
- Via feature directory in ROM?
- or via part of SBP-2 login request / reply?

5. Discovery would seem to be another issue. I think the key point we need to identify is
the addressing requirements.
- The registers are at fixed addresses
- The node address can change based on topology, etc.
- The EUI -64 will be the absolute address we can use
- A Unit_Unique_ID will tell us the detailed addressing info on more complex nodes.
- Should we include BUS # Info?

6. Address info must be available. What methods are we specifying for defining this info
- Command set
- Vendor specific manner (i.e. Manual entry)

7. One last thing in terms of the message payload:
- Will the message always be the same length?
- 1212r defines MSG Req/Resp to handle 64 bytes
- If our message is less, should we include a byte count in the header?

Greg LeClair

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Please see the attached proposal for the "Login into me" proposal.

Feel free to discuss this on the reflector before the next PWG

There is time to modify and/or enhance this before 8/2/99 (2 week

It would be nice to finalize this in Alasaka.


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