P1394 Mail Archive: Re: P1394> IANA action

P1394 Mail Archive: Re: P1394> IANA action

Re: P1394> IANA action

Thu, 2 Sep 1999 12:41:55 EDT

In a message dated 99-09-02 11:50:27 EDT,
ALAN_BERKEMA@HP-Roseville-om2.om.hp.com writes:

<<If you go to http://www.iana.org you will see that the registration process
seems fairly simple IFF you are asking for an Internet type number. They have
categories for all the numbers they care about. They are all very Internet
Centric. They do have a category for Misc., however I think I need more
information before I could even e-mail them to inquire whether they would
help us.>>

We want to be able to register ASCII strings, like "FRED" or "WILMA". My
recollection is that whoever proposed IANA as a registry believed that they
already managed a registry of "services" which we would be able to augment. I
don't have any more detailed memory of the genesis of this idea.


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